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FALLON COUNTY Detention Officer in BAKER, Montana

Employer has a position open for a Detention Officer Job Overview This position oversees and maintains custody, care and control of inmates incarcerated at the Fallon County Detention Center to ensure the safe and orderly operation of the facility. While supervision of inmates is the priority and of utmost importance, the predominant work is care and custody of inmates. Training is provided for this entry-level position in a wide range of areas. Successful applicants will be required to attend a four (4) week Correction Detention Officer Basic training at the Montana Law Enforcement Academy in Helena, Montana. Essential Functions Supervision of Inmates. Supervise, monitor, and maintain awareness of the movement and location of adult male and female inmates housed in the Detention Center by conducting physical round every thirty (30) minutes and head counts every hour; maintain daily logs as required. Physical rounds may be conducted on a more frequent time period to meet the needs of the Center and inmates. Employ cameras, video monitors, intercom system and radios as secondary means of visual supervision and communication with inmates and other staff members. Initiate disciplinary reports and incident reports. Process inmates in and out of facility by conducting visual searches, physical pat search, fingerprinting, photographing, and entering personal data into facility specific program. Conduct cell and inmate searches. Check cells for contraband when vacated. Dispense prescription and over the counter medications in accordance with established protocol. Transport inmates to scheduled appointments. Escort inmates to court hearings; may serve as bailiff. Utilize approved physical restraint techniques and nonviolent crisis intervention techniques in response to emergency situations; may perform basic first aid on sick or injured inmates. Ensure prompt and appropriate assistance to inmates in the event of injury, illness, or trauma. May provide court testimony based on knowledge, observation of or engagement with inmates. Care and Custody of Inmates Heat and serve prepared meals. Order prepared, frozen meals from local vender. Order basic toiletries and other approved commissary items from approved vender. Gather, launder, fold, and prepare bedding and inmate clothing for distribution. Must be able to complete these tasks while maintaining the priority and focus on supervision of inmates. Department Support Answer phones and route calls to appropriate department or person; respond to visitors and answer questions about detention center policies and procedures. Perform a variety of basic office tasks including but not limited to filing and shredding. Clean and organize various portions of the Detention Center and Sheriff's Office including cells and storage areas. Complete perimeter checks for safety and security of the Detention Center and Courthouse. Conduct civil fingerprinting as requested. Enter data into Swift system. If the jail is empty for extended periods, may be assigned tasks in other departments. Competencies The knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics to perform this work include but are not necessarily limited to: Accountability, Active Listening, Attention to Detail, First Aid, Commitment, Communication-Oral and Written, Computers, Dependable, Detention Operations, Flexibility, Foresight, Initiative, Interpersonal Skills, Crisis Intervention, Professionalism, Sensitivity, and Teamwork. This position must communicate both orally and in writing accurately and effectively, utilizing appropriate grammar and spelling. Proficient in Word and data entry. Must listen actively to ensure effective and correct communication; able to interact with variety of personalities. Listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentences. Accurate writing skills, utilizing appropriate grammar and spelling. Knowledge of detention facility operations, principles, and practice . Willingness to initiate contact with inmates to clarify issues or problems in a timely manner; terminate fights and other physical disruptions. Ability to resolve questions or concerns with courtesy and respect. Utilize a variety of non-violent crisis intervention skills including negotiation and non-lethal weapons. Display mature judgment under stressful conditions. Ability to act with initiative, common sense, and good judgment. Ability to recognize contraband. Ability to discern sensitive information and maintain confidentiality of criminal justice information. Ability to offer sworn testimony in court proceedings. Serve as an example of professional conduct to inmates and coworkers. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with other Fallon County employees and staff from outside agencies. Must be mature, flexible, and able to command respect and confidence of inmates and staff, philosophically committed to the objectives of the Fallon County Detention Center. Safety Safety is a primary duty and a personal responsibility. County employees are responsible for reading, understanding, and following safety rules and procedures as identified within County Policy, our Safety Program as well as at each department/work location/JSA. This position is responsible for wearing PPE as identified in the JSA or when working in areas where there is danger of injury. Responsible for wearing suitable work clothes as determined by the Sheriff and/or Undersheriff. Reports all injuries, hazards and/or near misses utilizing established reporting forms and procedures. Knows the location of first aid kits, fire extinguishers and other safety devices. Attends all safety meetings including annual training. This position will not perform potentially hazardous tasks or use any hazardous material until properly trained. Supervisory Responsibility This position has no supervisory responsibilities. Work Environment This position performs the predominate work inside the Detention Center; may supervise inmates outdoors within the enclosed recreation area. Security perimeter checks are performed outdoors in a variety of weather conditions. This role uses standard office equipment such as computers, telephones, photocopiers, and filing cabinets. Will also use various cleaning tools and chemicals when performing janitorial duties. Will handle variety of food goods, utilizing microwave oven to prepare meals. When transporting inmates using designated County vehicle may be exposed to a variety of weather conditions. Required Education and Experience Employment with Fallon County requires a high school diploma or equivalent. Must be a citizen of the United States of America, reside within Fallon County, and be at legal age. May not have been convicted of a crime which could have resulted in imprisonment in a federal or state penitentiary. Be of good moral character, as determined by a thorough background screen. Must be able to pass a post-employment physical and be able to perform Non-Violent Crisis Intervention techniques and physical interventions including the use of physical restraint. Preferred Education and Experience One (1) year related work experience is preferred. Additional Eligibility Qualifications This position requires unsupervised contact with incarcerated individuals and is subject to a pre-employment criminal background check; successful candidates may not hold felony criminal convictions that could have resulted in imprisonment in a federal or state penitentiary or convictions for violent crimes. Applicants are required to disclose any and all misdemeanor and/or felony convictions as an adult; this includes Pleading No Contest, Guilty or any conviction by a judge or jury. This position may utilize County owned vehicles, subject to a motor vehicle driving history review. Must possess or obtain a Montana driver license within thirty (30) days of employment. Compensation The starting wage for this position is $