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BIGFORK DRUG Head Cashier in BIGFORK, Montana

Position Summary:Provides a pleasant, courteous experience for customers and contributes towards a positive working environment for co-workers. Ensures that they are a presence at the cash wrap for customer assistance and as a shoplifting deterrent. Trains the new cashiers. Assists upper management as needed. Adheres to Bigfork Drugstore policies and procedures. This position offers a fixed schedule, 5 days per week: Tues-Fri 9AM to 6PM and Sat 9AM to 4PM.Essential Job Duties:Attendance: To have regular and predictable attendance. Shows up for all shifts on time. Returns from breaks and lunches on time. Can be counted upon by manager and co-workers. Is expected to fill in as needed to cover call-outs and business needs.Customer Service: To be a vocal and visible presence whether cashiering or working on the sales floor Expected to acknowledge and greet customers in a friendly manner within 10 feet. Projects a positive and friendly attitude each day. To be the example for other associates to follow. Must be able to stand for long periods at a time.Knowledgeable: To be able to answer customer questions about products; direct them to where products are on the sales floor and seek assistance if they are not able to answer the customer question. Knows all processes involved with the POS registers and how to trouble shoot problems. This includes contacting the POS help desk or Blackhawk when needed. Can open and close the tills.Trainer: Trains the new cashiers on the POS register and covers the daily job duties. Follows up with them during their first month to help them become efficient with the register.Inventory Responsibilities: Includes being aware of cash wrap supplies, balloon supplies, electronics and jewelry departments. Should notify manager when inventory levels are running low or customers are requesting certain items. Also includes checking out-dates on MCK and food products.Merchandising: Re-merchandises current sales floor stock. Assists with seasonal transitions and special sales. Includes stocking, rotating, facing, endcap maintenance. May also require deep cleaning of certain sales floor areas. Must be able to lift and move heavy objects.MCK: Should have a thorough understanding of working out the McKesson products to the floor and location of the MCK products in order to help the SFA when needed and assist customers.Management Support: At times will aid upper management to complete additional sales floor/register tasks. Is able to answer the Code 1(change needed) calls when a supervisor is unavailable.