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YELLOWSTONE CONSERVATION DIST Education/Outreach Coordinator in BILLINGS, Montana

Permanent part-time Natural Resources Outreach Coordinator to work in office 16 -20 hrs./week (as job develops, more hours could be added). General Description: The Education/Outreach Coordinator is an employee of the Yellowstone Conservation District (YCD). The YCD is a subdivision of state government and receives revenues from real property taxes. The EOC will support YCD educational outreach with technical assistance and workshop participation. An agricultural background is preferred. Duties include expansion of YCD's outreach conservation programs with a focus on natural resources topics in Yellowstone County. The EOC will implement district education programs in water quality, range management, wildlife habitat, water development and land use planning. This position will be permanent part-time with hours approved by the Conservation District Board and the District Administrator. Travel on behalf of the district may be necessary and will be reimbursed at the State rate. The EOC immediate supervisor is the YCD Administrator. Education Requirement: *College degree and an agricultural background is preferred, however, extensive experience in a similar position will be considered (i.e., agriculture, natural resources, or extensive technical experience in a related field). *A valid driver's license is required. Skills Requirements: ? Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, including a thorough knowledge of English grammar, spelling, and punctuation rules. ? Ability to prioritize efforts and efficiently manage time independently to accomplish a variety of tasks. ? Ability to proficiently use a computer for word processing and data management. ? Working knowledge of websites and social media platforms ? Experience with grant administrating, managing, and reporting ? Ability to work with persons from many other organizations, agencies, and groups in a professional manner to project a favorable image of the district. DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES for 1st year of employment (all work items performed with oversight and input by YCD Administrator & Board of Supervisors) - Website - immediately & continuously 1) Maintain YCD website & social media presence 2) Write articles for YCD projects, programs, activities in coordination with Administrator & Board - Fly Creek Watershed - immediately & continuously 1) Carry-out YCD commitments for water testing and reporting in the watershed 2) Research, write & apply for a DEQ Watershed Restoration Planning grant - - Conservation Education - continuously 1) NILE - work with NRCS & Yellowstone County Weed District during the 3-day AG-ED event 2) Develop programs with county teachers and interactive website functions 3) Learn to be proficient in stream table functions to take to conservation education events 4) Contact and work with all County High Schools for participation in the MT Envirothon - Grant Programs: Prepares grant applications, budgets, reports for grants in Submittals. Prepares other funding proposals regarding program development and as opportunities arise to enhance or accelerate the application of best management practices and technologies to improve soil and water quality and related natural resources in the county. - Assist with other YCD programs, projects and office duties if requested which may include taking Minutes at meetings. Equipment needed for this position: - Personal vehicle to be used during official district business, mileage reimbursed at prevailing state rates. Insurance and maintenance of said vehicle is the owner's responsibility. Proof of current insurance coverage is required. Supervisory Relationships: This position is under the direct supervision of the Conservation District Administrator. Performance appraisals of this employee and decisions regarding the salary and other compensation, disciplinary actions and termination of employment are the responsibility of the Board of Supervisors in consultation with the District Administrator. T e District Administrator will determine the incumbent's work schedule. Paid holidays, vacation leave, sick leave, leaves of absence and employee conduct will follow the State of Montana Policies and Procedures. Evaluation of Performance: ? The incumbent will be subject to a 6-month probation period. Performance appraisals will be conducted by Administrator at 3 months and 6 months of employment. Upon successful completion of the probation period, the Supervisors will provide the incumbent with a performance appraisal and then at least once per year after that date on or near the anniversary of employment. ? Performance shall be measured against duties set forth in this job description and the way they are performed (quantity and quality of work). ? The Supervisors and District Administrator may seek input from others in performing this appraisal, but the Supervisors have final authority on decisions relative to performance appraisals and personnel actions. ? It is to be understood that the Yellowstone Conservation District Supervisors have the right to review and update the job description with input from the incumbent at any time they deem necessary. Wages: $18/hr starting pay. Upon a satisfactory work performance appraisal at 6 months, the salary will increase to $20. After which raises will be given yearly based on an excellent performance review.