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Put exchange cart into the cart dumper making sure the carts are properly chained to the dumper. Tilting the cart in the cart dumper so the bags can be emptied and spread out on the cross conveyor. The soiled linen will go up an inclined conveyor from the cross conveyor and dump out on the sorting conveyor. You as the sorter will sort the soiled into the proper containers for washing.Responsibilities:To alert Production Manager, Floor Supervisor and or Maintenance person of any potential safety hazards known.Unloading bags of soiled linen onto cross conveyor belt.From the sorting conveyor segregate linens into separate categories for washing by sorting into the different containers.Separate garbage out of items and deposit into the trash containers.Must wear the proper PPE for the area.Complete necessary reports and paperwork.Maintain production speed of standards set to meet the needs of our customers.Immediate area maintained:1.All linen and trash picked up from floor that was accumulated through sorting2.Conveyor belt kept clean3.Wash carts at end of shiftAll other duties as required and/or assigned.Qualifications:1.Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:Motor coordination and manual dexterity for sorting of linens.Ability to start up, run, and shut down the cart lifting machine and the conveyor belts.Ability to properly lift 20-30 lbs.from floor level to sorting table of 30 inches.Ability to stand; walk along conveyor for periods of time and dump the bags onto the conveyor for sorting.First Aid and CPR knowledge desirable.Immunized for Hepatitis B.2.Education:Ability to read and write, and do addition and subtraction required.Ability to follow and give oral instructions as required.3.Experience:One week on the job training to familiarize with routine. Physical Demands for Sorter:Sedentary will exert up to 10 lbs force occasionally. Light will exert up to 20 lbs. occasionally and up to 10 lbs.frequently. Medium will exert up to 20 to 50 lbs. force occasionally and 25 lbs. frequently. Heavy will exert 50 to1OOlbs force occasionally and 25 to 50 lbs frequently.Mon to Fri 7am to 3:30pm, Sat. 6am to 2:30pm (Split days off; Sunday + 1 Weekday)Pre-employment drug screen, negative TB test and 3 series Hepb shot