State of Montana Registered Nurse: #51341 in Boulder, Montana

Are you interested in helping people? This position is a Registered Nurse with the Montana Developmental Center. We are looking for an employee who can help us to provide health services to promote healthy people, healthy communities.

Registered Nurse

Position #51315. S hift and days off to be determined.

Incumbent may be required to change shift and/or days off temporarily to accommodate facility needs.

Current certification of freedom from tuberculosis is required. A skin test will be provided by Montana Developmental Center for persons able to use this test.

Montana Developmental Center is a tobacco/smoke-free facility.

Successful applicant(s) will be subject to:

Criminal History Background Check


The Montana Developmental Center is an intensive, short-term treatment facility for individuals who have intellectual disabilities and co-occurring mental illnesses. MDC provides an environment for building healthy, effective, and fulfilling lives so that those receiving treatment can live successfully in the community after discharge.

The duties of the Registered Nurse include intake and ongoing health assessment and treatment of clients, including health and wellness education of clients, medical treatment team planning, liaison work with medical providers, and Emergency Response Team medical intervention. Other duties include department and facility designed computer data entry, transporting clients, and processing medical records.

Health Care: Assesses clients’ physical/mental/emotional conditions. Treats a variety of medical and behavioral conditions. Manages a health care system for chronic care patients with a variety of medical conditions. Provides vaccination/testing. Performs all work tasks in a proper, safe manner. Cooperates with other staff and demonstrates respect for other employees which contributes to a positive and efficient working environment. Complies with the Nurse Practice Act, HIPPA, Department, Division, and unit policy and/or direction and consults as needed with supervisors. Serves as charge nurse coordinating the medical care and nursing staff during the assigned shift as required and assigned.

Health And Wellness Education: Educates groups of clients about diet, nutrition, physical fitness, birth control, anti-tobacco, and other health-enhancing programs to give them information on positive health and wellness lifestyles using a variety of methods appropriate to the clients’ cognitive/intellectual level. Meets with clients individually as cognitive and intellectual level allows to address private health concerns that require education based on particular health issues resulting from a medical condition or habits to ensure that clients have basic knowledge and understanding of methods to treat or correct the problem using information provided by a physician or other health care professional.

Staff Training: Trains staff in the administration of treatments, nutrition, and monitoring of medication side effects. Trains staff in the proper handling of medical wastes, Universal Precautions, sanitation practices, medical isolation, and management of clients at risk to be exposed to or expose others to communicable diseases.

Related Duties: Arranges transportation to or from medical destinations as determined by state and facility policy using a state owned vehicle. Consults with staff regarding program sports. Responds to emergencies. Supervises clients during routine operations or movements and on trips to ensure clients participate in scheduled activities according to facility program, safety and security policies. Acts as liaison between the treatment team and health care providers. Works “on-call” as required and assigned.

Knowledge: Considerable knowledge of nursing theory, public health principles, concepts, terminology, techniques, equipment, and practices. Extensive knowledge of interpersonal relationship dynamics, mental illness, growth and development, causes of mental retardation and developmental disabilities, and issues including trauma related to sexual and physical abuse. Working knowledge of community medical resources. Will be certified in CPR and MANDT.

Skills: Must be highly skilled in the use of medical supplies, equipment, and advancing technology in nursing practice in order to provide care and treatment to people who may be uncooperative and noncompliant, as well as verbally and physically aggressive. Excellent communication skills: verbal, non-verbal, and written, to facilitate sharing of information between people of varying levels of education and comprehension. Observation skills enabling a nurse to discern illness in the absence of measurable data and information due to cognitive deficits.

Abilities: Ability to read and comprehend complex oral and written orders and/or instructions. Ability to react calmly and effectively in emergency situations, to gather medical history information and assess medical needs, conduct nursing examinations, and make appropriate referrals for further examination or treatment, to communicate effectively verbally and in writing, to follow written and verbal instructions, to establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, other agencies, professionals, and the public, to assume responsibility for professional growth and development, ability to be flexible.


The above knowledge, skills, and abilities are typically acquired through a combination of education and experience equivalent to a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, or an Associate's Degree in Nursing or Nursing Diploma and three years of professional nursing experience, preferably with developmentally disabled clients.

Must be a licensed Registered Nurse in the State of Montana.

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Job: *Healthcare

Title: Registered Nurse: #51341

Location: Boulder

Requisition ID: 18140837