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Bozeman Health CLERICAL FRONT OFFICE in Bozeman, Montana



  • A clerical staff member in a clinic setting is responsible for multi tasks. The clerical staff member is the initial contact the patient has within the clinic requiring: updating and confirming demographics and insurance information, collecting payments for service, scheduling follow up and assembly of charts. A clerical staff member is responsible for maintaining and organization of clinic medical record, distribution of faxes, reports, messages and inter-office mail. Clerical staff member will answer phones, schedule appointments and take messages.



  • Required:

  • High School Diploma/or GED equivalent

  • Preferred:


  • Required:

  • High School Diploma/ or GED equivalent

  • Preferred:


  • Required:

  • Previous experience with computer software/windows profiecient

  • Preferred:

  • Minimum of two years Medical/clinical office experience preferred.

  • Previous experience in Customer service.

  • Working knowledge of HIPAA regulations and Health Insurance

  • Medical Terminology



  • Personal Computers, hardware and basic software programs including e-mail, word processing, and spreadsheets.

  • Knowledge of medical terminology preferred

  • Knowledge/Understanding of the components to various insurance cards preferred

  • Mulit-phone System

  • Understanding the components of the medical record

  • Knowledge of administrative and clerical procedures including managing files and records and other office procedures and terminology, whether in paper or electronic format


  • Clear and precise written and verbal and electronic communication

  • Attention to detail and accuracy

  • Multi-tasking while maintaining a positive attitude

  • Excellent Time Management Skills

  • Proficiency in MS Windows.

  • Operating fax, copier, multiphone lines and other office equipment

  • Medical terminology –preferred

  • Proficient in alphanumeric filing


  • Refer to policy manual for specific instructions/guidelines. Follow established policies and procedures

  • Adhere to the standards of the job description and overall philosophy of Bozeman Deaconess Hospital

  • Maintain flexibility to adapt to a variety of workload assignments

  • Ability to remain composed in an occasional hectic environment

  • Ability to have high-quality working relationship with all levels of staff and a range of personalities

  • Ability in addition, subtraction , multiplication, and division

  • Ability to sort and prepare documents either in paper or in computer imaging, and assign the document appropriately.

  • Ability to operate electronic data processing equipment.


  • Ability to work independently with minimum supervision

  • Effective communication skills with both internal and external customers.


  • 33% Time Spent - Greeting and processing patients including obtaining current insurance and demographic information, consents, required signatures, required forms and answering patient questions.

  • 33% Time Spent - Answering phones and scheduling patients for appointments and ancillary tests

  • 33% Time Spent - Medical Records/Scanning tasks

  • 1% Time Spent - Other duties as assigned

  • If assigned to the Casual Call Pool

Guidelines for BDHG Casual Call Nurses and Clerical Staff

Casual Call staff shall belong to the Health Group department 9652. The utilizing clinic will have responsibility for hours used per pay period. Earned time, orientation and monthly reviews shall be billed to department 9652. The job description and job class for employees hired into the BDHG casual call pool will be the same as for clinic RN’s, LPN’s, and Clerical Staff. Therefore the basic knowledge and content will be the same as utilized for hiring of regular FTE positions. Clerical staff in the casual call pool is defined as of 7.19.13 as Clerical Receptionist. Casual Call staff shall be trained and oriented in all departments as the need arises. Beginning 1/1/2013, all current casual call or seasonal staff will migrate into the BDHG casual call pool and all guidelines outlined in this document shall apply. ? Casual Call staff shall be scheduled and supervised by the casual call pool nursing and clerical supervisors. Applicants for Casual Call staff (both nursing and clerical) shall have two interviews: first by the designated Casual Call supervisor/manager and a second/peer interview which will be comprised of peers and other clinic managers. The designated Supervisors/Managers shall be responsible for time accounting, scheduling, reviews, competencies, staff meetings; and any other issues which might arise pertaining to the management of the Casual Call staff. Seasonal casual call staff shall re-orient with new employee computer orientation prior to being scheduled for any shifts. Orientation needs will be defined on an individual basis with the Supervisors/Managers and staff involved.

  • All disciplinary action or other performance issues need to be done through the Casual call Supervisor/Managers. This is to include any issues with compliance or other legal matters. Current FTE staff members are not automatically “grandfathered in” if they choose to go to a casual call status they must follow the same interview process with the casual call supervisors/managers.

Scheduling Casual Call Staff:

Casual call will be scheduled for a minimum of 4 hours in any given clinic, all other coverage will need to be covered by regular staff members in the offices. Managers and Supervisors that anticipate staffing needs should have a request submitted to the casual call staff supervisor at least one month prior to the need. With the exception of FMLA, clinics may not request casual call staff coverage more than 4 months in advance.

  • If casual staff is being scheduled for the same shift on a regular basis in a department that position should be evaluated by the clinic manager for an FTE with the exception of coverage for FMLA or LOA. BDHG managers may not hire casual call staff into positions with less than a .4 FTE Clinic staff will continue to follow their current process when calling out sick (i.e. they will call their own department Manager or Supervisor). If the clinic cannot staff with their own resources, the Manager or Supervisor will contact the appropriate casual call Supervisor/Manager for assistance. Casual call staff shall submit their availability to the float pool supervisor at least one month in advance and preferably as soon as possible. Casual call staff must submit a minimum of 8 days in a 30 day period of availability. Upon providing availability for scheduling, if a casual call employee turns down 2 shifts in a 30 day period they may be terminated. Exceptions can be made by the manager/supervisor of the Casual call pool on an individual basis. Staff with an FTE will have scheduling preference over casual call staff. There may be times when casual call staff may not be needed for a scheduled shift because there is regular staff available to fill the need. Casual Call staff must commit to scheduling availability for one summer (Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day) and one winter (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s) holiday per year. In the clinic this is defined as working both the day before and the day after the holiday. Holidays will be assigned on a rotational basis by the casual call manager/supervisor. Casual Call staff will clock in under the appropriate department they are scheduled in at the Krono’s time clock.

  • OR

If assigned to the Float Pool:

This position works in Bozeman Deaconess Health Group Clinics including Belgrade Clinic and Bozeman Deaconess Urgent Cares. Hours will vary depending on location, but include M-F between the hours of 7:30am-8:00pm and Sat. 8:00am-1:00pm