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Highgate Senior Living Account Hydrospa Concierge in Bozeman, Montana

: POSTION SUMMARY: The Hydrospa Concierge position is responsible for safely delivering a relaxing hydrospa experience to Residents. This includes following and assisting with coordination of the Hydrospa Schedule and communicating any changes in the schedule with Residents, Team Members and Families when appropriate. The Hydrospa Concierge may also be assigned additional duties such as updating Service Plans, attending family meetings, assisting in the Life Enhancement department or any other stretch assignments that are appropriate for the community when the HC is not actively providing a Spa Experience to a Resident. RESIDENTS: The HC is responsible to provide the Spa Experience one time per week to all Residents purchasing the Spa Experience. This includes the reading and implementation of appropriate service plans that detail the residents’ needs and preferences. Preferences include: preferred aromatherapy fragrance, preferred lotion for a hand or foot massage after the hydrospa, and preferred time of the Spa Experience. Also, the Resident will choose a warm or cold beverage or a glass of wine to enjoy while relaxing in the hydrospa along with preference of music to be played during experience. TEAM MEMBER RESPONSIBILITIES: The Hydrospa Concierge will report to work timely for each shift they are scheduled for, dressed in the appropriate uniform with all designated work equipment. The HC will attend all required training necessary for the position and will obtain all required certifications within the stated guidelines. All HCs will sign the task sheet for the Residents on the Spa Experience at the end of each shift, indicating that they have provided the services listed on the Hydrospa Task Sheet. COMMUNICATION: As an observer of the Resident, it is the responsibility of the HC to pay attention to Resident changes in condition (physical, emotional, and cognitive). The HC will communicate all significant information with the LEC, RCC (MC or CC), and/or HD by using the FYI forms. Occasionally the HC will be asked to communicate with a family, mostly to report how the Resident enjoyed or responded to his/her hydrospa. RESPONSIBILITIES: * Arrive and remain at work during the times designated by the Life Enhancement Coordinator and work schedule. * Clock in when you arrive for your shift, prior to starting work. * Read the FYI book and speak with other caregivers regarding care issues so you can adjust the Hydrospa Schedule as necessary during your shift * Begin providing appropriate resident care as out lined on the Hydrospa Task Sheet. * Clean and sanitize the hydrospa between each Resident. * Respond to resident requests and emergencies. * Touch base and verbally review potential areas of concern with the Life Enhancement Coordinator and/or other appropriate Department Head, prior to leaving for the day. * Make appropriate documentation in the FYI book. * Other duties as assigned by your supervisor. * Clock out when you leave for the day. QUALIFICATIONS: * At least 21 years of age * Obtain CPR and First Aide certification * Current TB test * Health Screening and Finger printing (California only) * Negative Criminal record/background statement * Possess the ability to sit, stand, bend and move continuously during work hours and be able to lift and/or carry up to 50 pounds with assistance (Physical Demands) * Good communication and interpersonal skills * Compliance with Personnel Policies and Procedures Handbook * Must meet all criteria as required by state and local licensing agencies