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Bozeman Site Services Lawn Maintenance Technician in Bozeman, Montana

BENEFITS: Health/Dental/Vision/Life Insurances & $200/month employer contribution\* Immediate Paid Time Off accrual and usage for all employees (even part-time) Paid meal breaks and regular team gatherings with free meals Health Savings Plan\* Employee Assistance Plan Will-Making Assistance Regular Peer Recognition Awards Performance based pay increases Development opportunities and certifications Fun and professional people to work with - Just ask our employees! Opportunities for overtime, even for most salaried employees AFLAC Accident Insurance FULLY VESTED Retirement benefit\* 3-day summer weekends, weather permitting Long, free summer evenings (start early, end early!) Hourly winter employee choose their winter hours - Ideal for challenging schedules! Snow Removal Techs choose shifts: 3am - 7am weekdays and/or 3am - 7pm weekends Plow Operators choose 3am-7pm any or all days Opportunities for year-round employment, with a salary option! \*Ask about eligibility - typically All-Season (year-round) employees

The Lawn Maintenance Technician, working safely, helps to ensure that lawns are uniform and cut to exceed customers’ and Crew Leader’s expectations and that each worksite is cleared of lawn debris and litter. TACTICAL WORK 1. Mows and trims all turf areas as directed by Lawn Maintenance Crew Leader 2. Contributes to the most efficient method of job completion 3. Notifies leaders of any damage to property or equipment 4. Ensures that all job sites are clear of debris and litter 5. Loads and unloads tools/equipment for the day 6. Aids in weekly service and cleaning of equipment 7. Wears personal protective equipment while working 8. Assists in making necessary preparations for the next day as noted in Standard Operating Procedures 9. Exhibits willingness to work on any company crew especially during change of seasons (BSS prefers and provides opportunities for year-round employment) MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS 1. Age 16 or older 2. Ability to work through October 31st will be given priority 3. Ability to work flexible hours (schedules are subject to change based on weather, etc.) PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS and WORKING CONDITIONS (Essential and Frequent) 1. Climbing, balancing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, crawling, reaching, standing, walking, sitting, pushing, pulling 2. Lifting and raising objects up to 60 pounds from a lower to a higher position or moving objects horizontally from position-to-position, to a considerable degree and requires substantial use of upper extremities and back muscles 3. Fingering, grasping, feeling and repetitive motion 4. Talking and hearing 5. Subject to changing environmental conditions