PRE-RELEASE CENTER Security Resident Assistant in BOZEMAN, Montana

Resident Assistants in the Gallatin County Re-Entry Program (GCRP) provide security, transportation, recreation, and maintenance services as required by their position and program needs.1. Reviews and implements GCRP security and control policies and procedures including but not limited to the following: intake processing; out processing; resident control and supervision; use of force; contraband control; inventory control; personal and physical plant searches; key, tool, and equipment control; and facility and vehicle inspections. 2. Reviews and implements GCRP Breathalyzer and urinalysis polices and procedures including administration and collection.3. Provides resident transportation.4. Supervises resident recreation and community service activities.5. Reviews and implements GCRP safety and emergency policies and procedures including, but not limited to the following: fire safety, flammable, toxic, and caustic materials, emergency plans, evacuation drills, and threats to security.6. Reviews and implements GCRP health care policies and procedures including, but not limited to the management and record audits of resident pharmaceuticals.7. Assists residents program orientation and special needs.8. Assists residents as necessary with GCRP paperwork and forms.9. Assists residents as necessary activities, etc. relating to GCRP correctional programming.10. Maintains resident casebooks including filing, auditing, and reviewing as directed by administrative and supervisory staff.11. Assists caseworker, administrative, and supervisory staff as directed.12. Performs maintenance and repair functions as directed by the Program Administrator or Chief of Security. This responsibility also includes performance of regular maintenance inspections and reporting the results to the Program Administrator or Chief of Security.13. Attends staff and program meetings as required by supervisory staff and CCCS, Inc. corporate policies and procedures.Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required:Good written and oral communication skills.Strong organizational skills.Ability to work with contacts, the public, co-workers professionally and tactfully.Professional and businesslike in appearance and demeanor.Minimum Qualifications:Bachelors degree in an appropriate or related field.ORHigh school graduate with a minimum of two- (2) years experience in the corrections field.Certified in Basic First Aid and CPR or certifiable within one (1) year.Valid Drivers? license.