Assist in the completion of "striping" an outdoor running track. This typically consists of surveying, measuring and paining all lane lines as well as even markers. Opportunity for advancement to Striper. Looking for an individual, presentable on school properties, who is detail oriented with a strong work ethic that can quickly learn the process. Must be able to travel out of state for extended periods. They must be able to lift and move heavy objects such as buckets of paint or stencils, have some familiarity with tools and be able to spend long periods of time on their feet and bend easily at the waist. Valid driver?s license a plus. Begins April 2018 through October. First three month are 3 tracks per month. Reevaluate work load after June. Number of tracks per month limited only by our work schedule. Must have a flexible schedule and be available to leave town on short notice as schedules are dependent on track crews and the weather. Each job is 3-4 days on average. Road trips are typically limited to 2 weeks but vary. Base pay begins at $12/hr. Travel expenses paid include hotel, meals and hydration. Prevailing wage paid where required. Check out my website (in progress). OTMTrackStriping.com Contact Information: Brian Hodges 406-580-3460 or Brian@OTMTrackStriping.com