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JARED KOUNTZ General Ranch Hand in BROCKWAY, Montana

Temporary full time from 3/15/2021 - 11/30/2021The General Farm Ranch Hand position will be required to perform any combination of the following tasks to attend to livestock and farming operation: Feeding (no feeding required when cattle are out on summer range), sorting, herding, vaccinating, fencing and other general care for livestock; monitor, care for and move livestock using 4-wheelers and/or side-by-sides to pastures for grazing; examine animals to detect diseases and injuries; calving checks; place mineral blocks; vaccinate livestock, herd into corral and/or stall and manually restraining animals; apply medications to cuts and bruises; spray livestock with insecticide; assist with castration of livestock; clip identifying notches or brands animals; manually clean stalls/corrals. Shop work is required such as repairing and maintaining equipment and welding; perform routine maintenance and cleaning of farm implements, and operate tractors and farm implements required to plant, cultivate, and harvest hay, wheat and pulse crops; trucking is required to move crops to bins at harvest; must manually hoist/stack hay bales; pick rocks, repair/replace/build fence in rough terrain. Must be able to find and maintain bearings to grazing areas spread within 20 miles of each other. The job entails working around farm machinery, a variety of farm animals as well as exposure to predators and snakes. The worker must be willing and able to occasionally work independently or in small groups of workers. Most duties are performed out of doors, and entail exposure to extreme heat, cold, dust, rain and other environmental conditions. Worker must be able to crouch, bend, lift and carry up to 100 pounds. Employer provided items (at no cost to the worker) include all tools and equipment necessary to perform the duties assigned as well as transportation between worker(s) on-site housing and the work site. A cell phone or two way radio will be provided for emergency and ranch communications at no cost to the worker (excluding long distance charges). Drivers license is required.HOURS: Average: 66 Hours per Week. Hours range from 10-12 hours/day 60-72 hours/week - 6 days a week - Mon. - Sat. - Typically hours are 7:00am - 7:00pm. Actual hours may vary due to weather, time of year and the requirements of the cropping and livestock program. Long odd hours including split shifts may be required during harvest, as well as night shifts during calving. The worker may be offered work seven days a week as farm work must be performed seven days a week. The worker will be required, however, to work 6 days / week.