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Job Information



  • Must have a Montana Limited X-ray Tech license


  • Manage the X-Ray Department to comply: with all applicable federal, state and local requirements, surveys and inspections including formulating goals selecting policies and assigning objectives
  • Provide orientation for new employees on the radiology hazards and safety precautions
  • Provide supervision for X-Ray Tech(s), to include on-call scheduling and in-service notifications
  • Conduct necessary routine checking and monitoring of equipment
  • Aid in decision-making as to when outside assistance should be obtained in equipment repair or maintenance
  • Perform radiology duties in a cost-effective manner
  • Responsible for all personnel and supervisory functions of X-Ray Department, to include: supervise personnel, including hiring, firing and disciplinary actions in accordance with facility procedures; complete X-Ray Department personnel evaluations; complete X-Ray Department's work schedule and staffing patterns, to assure quality patient care ; assure that policies and procedures are consistently and fairly administered with the department/facility; approve overtime, sick leave, vacations, leave of absences for personnel according to facility policies and procedures; provide proper orientation and training for all new staff members; provide appropriate in-services and training for X-Ray Department to assure patient care needs are being met, as well as, applicable state and federal regulations; supervise Radiation Safety to include dosimeters and proper use of radiation protection apparel, not limited to apron, half apron and thyroid cover
  • Actively provide and participate in all X-Ray In-Service Education Programs and Staff Meetings
  • Complete Silverchair Leaming education assignments
  • X-Ray Department's Annual Budget (July 1st through June 30th) to include: inform CEO if any significant changes will occur from previous budget and/or annual financial statements pertaining to the X-Ray Department; operate within budget, adjusting manpower and supplies as necessary; and appropriately explains any variations in budget and works closely with Office Manager and CEO
  • Communicate information about x-rays and pertinent patient information regarding x-rays to the medical provider and/or clinic nurse

On-call position unless the candidate would want another position within the facility. Will do anywhere from 10 - 20 hours of x-rays per week with the rest being on-call. On-Call is 24/7, but is shared with other employees in the department.

Wage will be discussed in interview. Benefit package includes: health insurance, vacation, sick leave, 401(k), flex plan and annual longevity bonus.

To apply for this position, complete a company application (a hard copy is available at the Glendive Job Service in Tray 5, or, at the McCone County Health Center business office, or you can download one at Return completed application to the Glendive Job Service, or, email to, or, hand deliver to the McCone County Health Center business office located at 605 Sullivan Avenue in Circle, or, mail application to McCone County Health Center, P.O. Box 48, Circle, MT 59215.