The Program Coordinator will serve as a project manager. Responsibilities will include providing career counseling and supportive services to clients. The Project Coordinator will provide oversight of the program and all training subcontractors and will report to the Executive Secretary and Executive Board of the Montana AFL-CIO. Some travel is required.Duties will change per the development of the program based on the following timeline:Month 1-2:- Establish reporting policies and procedures with subcontractor training partners.- Establish referral policies and procedures with the Job Service Office.- Refine priority occupations with partnerships with local economic development organizations, employers and the State of Montana.Month 2-17:- Engage in recruitment activities with unions, the power plant, mine and other parties. - Provide coordination with the Montana Department of Labor & Industry and any Rapid Response activities to ensure timely and seamless delivery of services to any impacted workers.- Provide enrollment, training and supportive services to eligible workers.Month 17-19:- Ensure that all final reports are filed and data has been collected prior to close of grant period. - Conduct follow-up interviews with post-training graduates. - Other duties will be determined as the program is implemented.Qualifications:- Ability to work well with diverse people including, but not limited to: workers, union leadership, management and state personnel.- Working knowledge of Word and Excel helpful. - Ability to learn program specific data management systems.- Ability to draft client training plans and reports.Wage: $40,000 per year. Note: This is a temporary full-time position that will last through September 30, 2019 with the potential for extension if additional funding is provided through continuation of the federal grant.Equal Opportunity Employer