Nomad Global Communication Solutions I.T. Integration Technician I, II, & III in Columbia Falls, Montana

The chief function of the IT Integration Technician is to install IT related equipment, hardware, radios, cables, connectors and follow processes and procedures, and read and follow CAD drawings. The IT Integration Technician is responsible for using best practices to pull and terminate various cables. The IT Integration Technician must be able to communicate and document progress for projects.

The duties of the IT Integration Technician will include, but will not be limited to:

Ability to follow the IT Integration Process Flow to perform all Integration-specific tasks necessary to complete each project according to the IT Engineer’s system design.
Reading the Cable Runs spreadsheet and follow best practices running and dressing cables from the source and destination locations.
Installing (crimping, soldering, etc.) the proper connectors at each end of the cables according to SOPs and best practices.
Installing equipment according to the Rack Layout spreadsheet. Must be able to mount hardware on shelf racks for a mobile environment.
Understanding and following a comprehensive Equipment Interconnects spreadsheet which will show all of the in-rack patches and patch cable types between different rack-mounted equipment in the vehicle.
Following and installing Antenna’s according to the Antenna Layout spreadsheet which will show the physical mounting locations of all RF antennas on the roof of the vehicle.
Completing the Cable Test document in spreadsheets for projects.
Running the Equipment Test and document results in a spreadsheet.
Installing, configuring, and troubleshooting cabling, antennas, electronics, and accessories in the Technician’s list of Core IT Competencies.
Edit/update all documentation as tasks are completed to keep the IT Integration Manager, IT Engineer, and other management up to speed on project status.
Look for opportunities for training inside and outside of Nomad for the betterment of the individual and the team as a whole.

In addition, IT Integration Technician is responsible to:

Maintain a clean and safe work environment.
Track time accurately and consistently in our ERP program for each step of the project
Assist production (when needed) to complete the project, which may include work outside of the IT scope.
Work with the IT Engineering Team to meet the Project completion and Test Phase dates agreed upon by the Project Management team during Project Meetings
Ability to adjust multiple demands, shifting work priorities, ambiguity, adversity, and change.
Clear standards of personal integrity, business ethics, and values.
Valid driver’s license in good standing.
Successful clearance of local and/or state background checks.
Ability to pass a drug screening.
Performs other duties and activities as required or requested.

Basic IT Competencies

1. General IT Integration
2. Cabling & Terminations
3. Rack & Power

Core IT Competencies

1. Audio/Video
2. Radio
3. Wi-Fi & Cellular
6. Security
7. Data & Networking
8. Voice

Reports directly to the IT Integration Lead.
Works closely with engineering team members.