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State of Montana Laundry Worker 61402 in Columbia Falls, Montana

Job Overview:The Montana Veterans’ Home is a certified facility that has been providing services to Veterans since 1896. Admission is for honorably discharged veterans eligible for skilled/intermediate nursing care or domiciliary self-care living. The Laundry worker processes commercial and in-house laundry providing residents with clean linen, bedding, and clothing promoting a safe, clean and comfortable environment. Schedule: 5:00a.m. - 1:30a.m. Wednesday - Sunday * *Essential Functions (Major Duties or Responsibilities): A. Assigned Duties: 35% * Sort, bag, weigh, record, and load soiled linen and personal clothing. * Handle soiled laundry to prevent contamination by washing hands, using and disposing of gowns, gloves, and facial protection in accordance with department policy or practice. * Prepare laundry bags for shipment to the laundry contractor to accurately account for contractor’s invoice by weighing soiled laundry bags and recording in the daily log and loading bags onto delivery carts prior to the next day’s pick-up. B.Receive and distribute clean linen and personal clothes 35% * Receive clean linen and resident clothing from the laundry contractor * Sort residents’ newly delivered clean clothes to ensure each resident’s clothing is returned * Deliver resident clean clothing carts to wings so clean laundry may be returned to the resident by nurse aides * Deliver resident clean linen carts to wings so clean linen is available to nurse aides C. Weigh, record, wash, dry, fold, sort, and distribute in-house laundry 15% * Wash soiled laundry, using and disposing of gowns, gloves, and facial protection in accordance with department policy or practice * Accurately weigh and record all soiled linen to be laundered. * Dry, sort, and neatly fold like items * Load clean, folded items into laundry delivery carts and return them to wings and storage area D. Cleaning and Sanitation 10% * Clean and sanitize areas and equipment according to established daily, weekly, and annual cleaning and sanitizing checklists by following a prescribed schedule, using and completing required cleaning forms. E. Other Duties 5% * Follow all laundry department and facility rules, regulations, policies and procedures * Update the resident roster * Mark and label the clothing * Minor sewing (buttons etc.) * Demonstrate a positive work attitude, respect for other staff, and effectively communicate with residents, staff, and supervisor regarding day-to-day operations * Trains and orients new employees * Records daily computation of pounds processed Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (Behaviors): Required for the first day of work: * Knowledge of basic laundry processing procedures * Knowledge of basic safety principles for handling soiled linen * Knowledge of basic mathematics * Ability to communicate verbally and in writing * Ability to effectively communicate with resident and staff * Ability to provide leadership and training Minimum Qualifications (Education and Experience): * One (1) year of similar service related work experience * High school diploma or equivalent * Other combinations of experience, education, and training may be considered Physical and Environmental Demands: The work involves lifting, pushing, pulling, reaching, squatting, and extensive standing. Critical physical demands: _Lift 35# rarely;Lift 30# occasionally;Push/Pull 30# occasionally;Reach forward and below frequently._* Must use protective gown, gloves, and facial protection as necessary when handling soiled linen. Job: Healthcare* *Title: *Laundry Worker 61402 Location: Columbia Falls Requisition ID: 21141470