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NORTH CENTRAL AREA AGENCY ON AGING Executive Director - Senior Center in CONRAD, Montana

Local Council on Aging Board is looking for an experienced Senior Center Manager. This Senior Center Manager will oversee all operations, functions, .and. activities of the agency. The Manager will be responsible directly to the Area Agency Governing Board and shall be entrusted with the task of managing and administering the daily affairs of the agency. The director shall act as the representative of the Area Agency on Aging, in all matters affecting and fixing the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of the Agency. All agreements, legal instruments, or documents of any kind, which affect and fix the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of the Agency shall contain an attached statement signed by the Director and a member of the "Governing Board". The director shall be responsible for the written negotiations of contracts, as necessary, with contractors of the Agency on a yearly basis and shall be responsible for the accounting, budgeting, and outside audit of the funds, and the performance of all contracts and obligations of/with the Agency. The director may prescribe rules and regulations for the conduct and operations of the Agency and may appoint committees for considering and resolving problems. The director may be charged with administering senior services outlined under the Older American's Act, directly or through a provider; as well as any other senior services requested or mandated by the State Aging Services Division and/or the Federal Administration on Aging. The director shall perform yearly reviews and assessments of all contracted projects to ensure compliance with State or Federal regulations. The director shall attend MAA (Montana Area Agency on Aging Directors Association), and SUA (State Unit of Aging) meetings and other state meetings/trainings when necessary. The director shall attend local meetings within the area when needed and be active on local boards or committees when possible and shall be in continuous consultation with program directors and other organizations in the area regarding the needs of the elderly. The director shall develop budgets for the Agency on Aging, shall work with contractors to prepare budgets for the contractor projects, shall make recommendations for the allocation of funds, and develop long term plans for providing services. Covid - 19 Considerations: The Agency on Aging is currently closed to the general public. Appointments must be made to meet with a staff member. Masks are worn, hand sanitizer is readily available, and breath shields are available to employees who interact with the public.Experience: required 1 year - Microsoft Word / Excel / Power PointLocation: Required - Conrad, Montana 59425Travel: required - 25%