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State of Montana Treatment Tech in Deer Lodge, Montana




MISSION///-/The Montana Department of Corrections enhances public safety, supports the victims of crime, promotes positive change in offender behavior, and reintegrates offenders into the community.

If you want to work making positive changes in the community the Montana Department of Corrections is the place for you!

JOB OVERVIEW-This position is responsible for the overall safety and security of inmates, staff and visitors of Montana State Prison and Montana Correctional Enterprises/. /Correctional Officers help ensure the institution is operated for the safety of the public, as well as the incarceration, treatment and rehabilitation of the inmate population. Correctional Officers are responsible for the immediate supervision, care, treatment, security and safety of the Housing Unit and the facility. This work unit is responsible for the initial orientation, behavioral observation and assessment of offenders admitted to the facility. Subsequent to the development of the treatment program Correctional Officers are responsible for providing the direct counseling, instruction and supervision that results in the Housing Unit treatment outcomes.

Duties include, but are not limited to,* *supervise adult male felons while in the custody of Montana State Prison, on or off property, enforce offender rules to ensure the safety and security of the program using program discipline policies, rules and regulations. Responds to call out during emergencies such as escapes, offenders endangering themselves or others, medical injuries, etc, to restore routine program operations using established procedures, policies or guidelines.

This position directs offenders to follow daily schedules that encourage them to make choices conducive to reintegration into the family, community or treatment programs and assessed offender life skill competencies and writes reports which will be integrated into the written comprehensive treatment plan using a combination of observation and testing methods chosen based on the offenders problems identified prior to or upon admission. Conducts individual counseling sessions with offenders to assist them to resolve personal problems, gain insights into their behaviors, provide feedback regarding social functioning, address criminal thinking errors, etc. using counseling methods suited to the offender receiving the counseling.

Work is performed in all areas of Montana State Prison and off property and includes regular contact with dangerous inmates who may be abusive or assaultive. Exposure to life-threatening situations, physical force or use of weapons including, but not limited to, physical restraint, handcuffing, firearms, self-defense, protection of others, protection of property, and prevention of escapes.

This position occurs in a 24/7 facility and as such requires the ability to work all posts, all shifts, and all holidays as assigned.

Physical requirements to complete security duties include: regular exposure to temperature extremes, ability to climb up and down multiple stairs and ladders , bending, pushing, pulling, dragging, or lifting up to 30 pounds, lifting, pushing, pulling, or dragging heavy furniture, equipment or people with assistance up to 100 pounds, crawling, climbing, visual acuity, attention to detail, walking on hard surfaces, remaining on feet for long periods of time, sitting for long periods of time, ability to respond to verbal communication, alarms, telephones and radio communication equipment, respond in the event of an emergency, which may include working long hours, mandatory overtimes, reporting to work prior to the start of the shift or staying after the shift normally ends. The stressful working conditions may impair one's health. Must be physically and legally able to drive a vehicle.

This position requires POST Basic Certification after attending training at the Montana Law Enforcement Academy and successfully completing one year of employment with the Department of Corrections. In addition to the training and experience requirements, to be POST Certified, the successful candidate(s) must:

  1. Be a citizen of the United States of America;

  2. Be at least 18 years of age;

  3. Be fingerprinted for a criminal history search;

  4. Not have been convicted of a crime for which s/he could have been imprisoned in a federal or state penitentiary;

  5. Be of good moral character, as determined by a thorough background screen;

  6. Be a high school graduate or issued a GED or its equivalent; AND,

  7. Possess or be eligible for a valid Montana driver’s license.

QUALIFICATIONS -A combination of education and experience equivalent to high school graduation. Two years of progressively responsible Correctional Officer experience is preferred. A valid Montana Driver’s license is required.

APPLICATION MATERIALS -State of Montana Application

/Applications missing required documentation will not be considered./

Background screens which may include criminal records check, child/patient/offender abuse registries, and reference checks will be conducted for this position.

BENEFITS -Health, dental, vision & prescription coverage for self or dependents available from date of hire, 15 paid vacation days, 12 sick days & 10-11 paid holidays annually, and membership in Retirement system with state contribution (vesting applies). Employment with the state may qualify you to receive student loan forgiveness under PSLF.

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BRADY ACT & LAUTENBERG AMENDMENT - Any person who has been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence or is the subject of a court order of protection for “an intimate partner or child of such intimate partner” cannot lawfully possess a firearm or ammunition (Title 18, U.S.C., Section 922(g)(91)). Candidates who have been convicted of any felony or a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence or were issued a court order of protection are not qualified for this position.

Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 - Any person who has been convicted of engaging in or attempting to engage in sexual activity in the community facilitated by force, overt or implied threats of force, or coercion, or is the victim did not consent or was unable to consent or refuse; or any person who has been civilly or administratively adjusted to have engaged in the activity as described are not qualified for this position.

Tobacco Free -Use of all tobacco products, including smokeless tobacco products and tobacco substitutes in Department of Corrections buildings, is prohibited. In secure care facilities possession of tobacco products is also prohibited.

The Montana Department of Corrections is an EOE M/F/D/V/SO

A combination of education and experience equivalent to high school graduation. Two years of progressively responsible Correctional Officer experience is preferred. A valid Montana Driver’s license is required.

Job: *Security/Protective Services

Title: Treatment Tech

Location: Deer Lodge

Requisition ID: 20142616