ROSEBUD HEALTH CARE CENTER Chief Executive Officer in FORSYTH, Montana

This is a full-time permanent position. The CEO provides operational leadership for the Hospital and its Clinic. The CEO is responsible for the establishment, maintenance and enhancement of quality health services in accordance with the mission and values. The CEO works collaboratively with the Senior Staff, Board members, Medical Staff and other leadership as appropriate. The CEO oversees the operations of the hospital and has final accountability for daily operations of the Hospital; delegates appropriate authority to direct reports for programs and services to assure high quality, low cost access to care for all in an atmosphere of collegiality, collaboration, and accountability. Develops an annual operational plan with specific targets and tactics: Labor expenses (comp ratio, FTEs per AOB, worked hours per discharge, etc.) Supply costs (cost per adjusted discharge, OR supply cost per surgical case, etc.) Staff satisfaction (turnover, etc.), Patient Satisfaction, Quality indicators, Monitoring systems are in place for variance analysis. Corrective action plans are developed in response to variances. Assures that productivity standards are developed and implemented for the Hospital and its clinic. Approves implementation of methods that could enhance productivity and effectively control and reduce overtime or use of outside personnel within departments. Provides leadership in identifying and managing work re-design projects. Works effectively with the Chief Financial Officer, Director of Patient Services, in support of initiatives focusing on improving operational effectiveness and efficiency. Engages the Managers in operational improvement initiatives. Organizes and chairs regular meetings with the Managers. Maintains a regular meeting schedule with the CFO, to provide accurate and timely reporting of operational progress for all areas of accountability. Provides the Chairperson of the Board, a periodic summary of hospital operations, issues, and decision points.