State of Montana ASL Teacher in Great Falls, Montana


The purpose of this position is to support students in the acquisition, development, and refinement of American Sign Language (ASL) knowledge and skills. The person in this position will also support school wide programming in ASL and Deaf Culture for students and staff. The person will also collaborate with the Speech and Language Pathologist to build students’ overall communication and language skills.

• Use ASL assessments and checklists to determine ASL levels of students and plan next steps for their ASL learning

• Provide direct ASL instruction aligned with National ASL Standards and support in development of age-appropriate ASL skills and knowledge including designing and implementing lessons/activities that support student needs

• Assist in developing our corpus of ASL and Deaf Studies resources and materials for staff to use for instruction

• Promote ASL proficiency and appreciation of Deaf Culture awareness school wide through co-coordination of ASL/Deaf Culture events such as Deaf Awareness Week, Gallaudet Day, and others as appropriate

• Keep abreast of current research and best practices in ASL Language Arts, ASL Linguistics, Deaf Studies, and Bilingual Education related to Deaf Education

• Performs related and other duties as assigned.

• Detailed Job Description available upon request.

QUALIFICATIONS: Certification in Teaching ASL or the willingness to pursue this degree and/or Certification with American Sign Language Teachers Association (ASLTA) or the willingness to pursue becoming ASLTA Certified is preferred. College Degree (Bachelor's or higher) in Deaf Education, Deaf Studies, ASL Linguistics will be considered. Ability to obtain Montana Teaching Licensure. Native or Near-Native ASL skills required.

This position requires interactions with staff who may have very different and very strong beliefs about the best ways to educate students who are deaf or hard of hearing. The person in this position must be open-minded and respectful regarding different educational philosophies. This position requires some amount of time engaging in signing which has been known to lead to repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel.

The successful candidate will be required to have fluent ASL and English skills to communicate with staff. New employees must meet the requirements of MSDB Policy 5124Employee Sign Language Skillsand will be evaluated through the Sign Language Proficiency Interview (SLPI). New employees to this position must meet the Target Skill level Standard of “Advanced Plus” on the date of hire.

Supplemental Activity – ASL Teacher

In one or two paragraphs, please answer each question.

English will not be evaluated; however, the answers should be clear, concise, and understandable.

  1. What are your thoughts about the language and communication used by students who are deaf or hard of hearing? Please reference both English and ASL in your answer.

  2. What is your approach to students who are not following the rules?

  3. What is your approach to working with staff members who you disagree with?

  4. What is your approach to working with families?

Job: *Education/Training

Title: ASL Teacher

Location: Great Falls

Requisition ID: 18141840