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Air National Guard Units Intelligence Operations Specialist in Great Falls, Montana


THIS IS A NATIONAL GUARD TITLE 32 EXCEPTED SERVICE INDEFINITE WITH POSSIBLE PERMANENT STATUS POSITION. NON-BARGAINING UNIT Selecting Official: Lt Col Jason Green This National Guard position is for an Intelligence Operations Specialist, Position Description Number D1659000, and is part of the Montana Air National Guard 120 OSS SQ. (A copy of the Position Description can be obtained from HRO upon request.)


This position is located in the Intelligence Operations function within Air Operations of Air National Guard flying units. This position serves as the Senior Intelligence Analyst for the assigned Wing and as such is responsible to provide training, advise on, administer and disseminate intelligence information. This work directly supports military operations in mission areas such as low intensity conflict, homeland defense, Force Protection, counter-terrorism, show-of-force, special operations, alert homeland defense, combat operations, and/or intelligence collection missions. Incumbent is recognized as an expert on intelligence issues affecting the assigned Wing by unit leadership, operations personnel as well as other intelligence personnel from outside the unit. Incumbent maintains continuing liaison with intelligence counterparts throughout the Air Force, Intelligence Community, and other military services in order to exploit all sources of information. Participates in collective estimative and interagency products and processes, including preparing and presenting all-source intelligence briefings to Air Force Major Commands, Air Force, Department of Defense and other governmental agencies. Serves as unit's expert intelligence analyst for commander and staff on intelligence matters, including intelligence processes, support requirements, technical aspects of weapons systems, and terrorist operational methods. Assures the Intelligence function maintains a capability to provide timely and accurate operational intelligence support and fully trained intelligence personnel during peacetime and contingency operations. Plans, develops, and manages work schedules for intelligence activities during all phases of unit operations, including Unit Training Assemblies, Annual Training, and unit deployments. Gains and maintains Global Situational Awareness in order to quickly and accurately advise commanders/decision-makers on possible enemy courses of action. GSA requires analytical expertise and time/stress management skills to accurately draw conclusions by combining raw intelligence from multiple, unrelated sources into a finished product. Incumbent passes findings to commanders, staff, intelligence personnel, aircrews, and support personnel. Researches, evaluates, integrates, and analyzes all-source data in the preparation of clear, concise, in-depth intelligence analytical products focusing on the threats to air operations, including the operational concepts of military forces and trends with potential military implications prepared in response to mission requirements. Must present and defend intelligence positions to a variety of audiences, including unit staff, MAJCOM representatives, and members of the DoD. Must represent the organization, and prepare, present, and defend the position in conferences, working groups, and planning sessions. Coordinates and liaises with counterparts and colleagues in such other major command intelligence organizations as Air Combat Command, Air Mobility Command, National Guard Bureau, United States Air Forces Europe, Pacific Air Forces and such other governmental agencies as Defense Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, U.S. Space Command, Air Intelligence Agency, U.S. Strategic Command, and the Central Intelligence Agency. Develops and oversees the execution of the unit's Internal Intelligence Training Program for all Title-32 assigned intelligence personnel. Acts as the Subject Matter Expert, trainer, and task certifier for all intelligence Initial Qualification Training, Mission Qualification Training, and Continuation Training for all intelligence personnel. Develops and directs the External Intelligence Training Program for all operations personnel. Trains, educates, and tests aircrew on worldwide threats. Plans, organizes, establishes, and manages the methodology for deployment and conduct of intelligence operations during contingency operations. Plans and manages the Pre-Deployment Intelligence Spin-Up Program for unit personnel assigned to Aerospace Expeditionary Force and Outside of the Continental United States deployments. Prepares and develops finished intelligence inputs for unit exercise scenarios, analytical studies, and war games. Oversees and establishes procedures for the maintenance of a comprehensive intelligence publications reference library that is tailored to the unit mission and area of operations. Provides in-depth research and analysis of the Force Protection situation at home station and all deployed locations. Facilitates the Threat Working Group that provides commander and decision-makers finished, actionable intelligence that directly affects the safety of unit personnel and operations. Prepares and manages the budgeting of fiscal and personnel resources for the intelligence function. Serves as the Senior Intelligence Officer of the organization and exercises overall oversight of Sensitive Compartmented Information programs.


Conditions of Employment


Military Grades: O1 - O5 Compatible Military Assignments: 14NX GENERAL EXPERIENCE: Must possess experience, education, or training which demonstrates administrative, professional, investigative, or technical work requiring the ability to deal effectively with others, to collect, evaluate and organize pertinent facts. Experience preparing clear and concise written reports. SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: Must have at least 36 months experience, education or training developing and recommending policy, organizing and carrying out specific programs, evaluating and recommending changes in methods of intelligence operations. Experience in administrative, investigative, or technical work which required the applicant to deal effectively with others. Experience collecting, evaluating and organizing pertinent facts and to analyze and prepare clear and concise reports. Experience in managing the function of the work to be performed. Experience which includes leading, directing and assigning work of personnel. *You must list specific dates (DAY/MONTH/YEAR - DAY/MONTH/YEAR) with experience on resume to be considered. NOTE: Your application must contain a DETAILED description of both civilian and military experience as it relates to the general and specialized experience requirements. Substitution of Education for Specialized Experience - Successful completion of a full 4-year course of study in any field leading to a bachelor's degree, in an accredited college or university, meets the GS-5 level requirements. *If you are using substitution of education for specialized experience to assist in qualifying for this position, you must provide transcripts to support your Educational claims. PLACEMENT STATUS/TENURE OF SELECTEE: TEMPORARY PROMOTION/REASSIGNMENT/CHANGE TO LOWER GRADE - For Title 32 permanent selectees only: This is an obligated position. If a permanent employee in the Title 32 Excepted civil service accepts this position, he/she will retain their permanent status AND have rights to return to their previous Title 32 position. TEMPORARY PROMOTION/REASSIGNMENT/CHANGE TO LOWER GRADE - For Title 32 Indefinite selectees only: This is an obligated position. If an indefinite employee (tenure 3) in the Title 32 Excepted civil service accepts this position, he/she will retain their indefinite status AND may return to their previous Title 32 indefinite position if it is still available. INDEFINITE APPOINTMENT - For Current Title 5 selectees only: This is an obligated position. If an on-board employee in the Title 5 excepted civil service accepts this position, he/she will convert to a T32 indefinite appointment (tenure 3). This employee will have no reemployment rights to their previous T5 position. INDEFINITE APPOINTMENT - State National Guard Members (includes T32 NTE employees and MTNG members not currently a federal employee): This is an obligated position. Selectee will be appointed as an indefinite employee (tenure 3).


Additional Information

If you are a male applicant who was born after 12/31/1959 and are required to register under the Military Selective Service Act, the Defense Authorization Act of 1986 requires that you be registered or you are not eligible for appointment in this agency ( If you are unable to apply online or need to fax a document you do not have in electronic form, view the following link for information regarding an Alternate Application.