QUALIFICATIONS: The ability to provide instruction to students under the direct supervision of the special education teacher; The ability to keep accurate records of instructional information; The ability to work with and take direction from the classroom teacher; The ability to work as a part of a team; The ability to correct paperwork and to instruct students in small groups; The ability to implement behavioral intervention programs as outlined by the classroom teacher; The ability to assist with specialized personal needs of students; The ability to work independently; Two years of college coursework or passing competency test within first month of employment. Physical Demands:Frequently lift a minimum of 40 lbs. Must be able to frequently transfer students from wheelchair to alternate location such as floor, commode, stander, classroom chair; Frequently push wheelchairs with students who weigh 100 lbs. or more; Daily exposure to outside conditions (i.e. rain, snow, and occasionally extreme heat or cold conditions) during outdoor recess/gym activities; Assist with loading and unloading of students on buses; On a regular and consistent basis stand for long periods of time; Frequently walk, kneel, bend and squat; Assist students with toileting; Feed or help students feed themselves; Occasionally must be able to run/sprint in order to protect the physical safety of students under your care; Daily sanitation of room and equipment; Assist in student?s educational plan including development and implementation of instruction program; Understand and be aware of medical needs of students and be able to react appropriately and quickly in emergency, medical situations; Manage required forms and records; Multi-task, make quick decisions, and work as a cohesive member of a team; Assist with behavior management programs and techniques; Daily participate in bowling and/or swimming program. (MS and HS only)