State of Montana Substitute Interpreter for Students in Great Falls, Montana

This position is responsible for facilitating communication between users of English (spoken and/or written) and users of sign language including American Sign Language (ASL) and English-based sign systems. Interpreters provide students who are deaf, hard of hearing, or deafblind with appropriate access to classroom instruction and communication with all school staff and students in the environment so they have an equitable opportunity for academic and social learning. Interpreters also assist students in learning to use an Interpreter (using the "Pyramid of Support" concept), the development of self advocacy skills, and the development of independence across all settings as appropriate.Develops and maintains professional relationships with teachers, support staff, administration, parents and students.

  • Facilitates communication between users of English (spoken and/or written) and users of ASL, interpreting sign-to-voice and voice-to-sign as appropriate.

  • Monitors students for “back-channeling” or feedback indicating they understand the interpretation and make adjustments if student is struggling.

  • Uses the "Pyramid of Support" concept when working with students.

  • Interprets all instruction-related communication, including non-captioned videos, discussions.

  • Participates in team-interpreting as appropriate.

  • Possible travel between MSDB and public schools.

  • Interprets MSDB meetings, IEP meetings, and other events where interpreting services are needed.

  • Maintains confidentiality and demonstrates good ethics in regards to student/staff interactions.

  • Other duties as assigned.

: MSDB is a non-smoking environment extending to the entire campus: there are no authorized smoking areas and smoke breaks are not given. All successful candidates must possess a Montana Drivers License; submit to a background check, which includes a criminal record review, and must not possess any felony or DUI convictions. It is the policy of the Board that any finalist for hire shall submit to a finger-print based national criminal history background check conducted by the FBI prior to recommendation for hire. Additionally, an “Applicant Release Form” must be completed and signed as part of the application.

High school graduation and one year experience working with deaf/hard of hearing students and/or adults in a situation thatrequiresuse of expressive and receptive sign language skills, or the equivalent combination of education and experience is preferred. Graduate of an Interpreter Training Program will be given preference. The Candidate must pass a pre-hire screening of Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA) at a score of 2.5 or more and must meet the score of 3.5 within three years of the date of hire – in accordance with educational interpreter standard set forth by ARM 10.55.718

Job: *Education/Training

Title: Substitute Interpreter for Students

Location: Great Falls

Requisition ID: 17141885