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AANIIIH NAKODA COLLEGE Maintenance Technician in HARLEM, Montana

PERFORMANCE DESCRIPTION: The Maintenance Technician will be responsible for the maintenance of aspects of the ANC facilities (physical plant) and vehicle maintenance. Work responsibilities include maintenance, cleaning, and building security and safety. This is not a supervisory position. Benefits: paid holidays, health, dental and vision insurance, 401K. Under the supervision of the Facilities Manager. The Maintenance Technician shall:* identifies and assesses maintenance and repairs needs of ANC campus;* initiates appropriate documents and contracts to complete work with specialists within acceptable guidelines and budget;* plan for and develop schedule for routine and periodic maintenance duties with budgetary guidelines;* establish and maintain plans for emergencies that may develop due to equipment malfunctions or natural disasters;* perform routine carpentry, electrical, and plumbing trade duties for necessary repairs and renovations;* assure the safety of self, co-workers, and public by identifying and securing hazardous materials and conditions;* occasionally assist custodians;* performs other duties that can be reasonably expected to promote the efficiency of ANC campus;* maintain and schedule service for college vehicles;* be willing to respond as needed for emergency repairs;* assist with snow removal when needed;* the maintenance work has risk of injury from hand tools, vehicles and potential exposure to hazardous substances and materials, must be able to identify potential problems and minimize possible accidents resulting from use, etc.QUALIFICATIONS:* Minimum of high school/GED/HiSET diploma/certification.* Must have a valid Montana Driver'S License.* Must have a working knowledge of the carpentry, plumbing, heating, and electrical trades.* Must possess the skills to work independently safely, and efficiently.* Must be able to work the public and college personnel.* Must possess skills to interpret specifications and technical drawings.* Must have oral and written communication skills.* Must have a minimum of two years of experience working in the maintenance field.* Must be able to lift objects up to fifty pounds.