HILL COUNTY Clerk of Justice Court of Record in HAVRE, Montana

Requirements:A High School diploma.Experience in an office with bookkeeping, filing, record keeping, and use of computers.Preferred but not required: legal office experience.SUMMARY OF WORK: This position is under the general supervision of the Justice of the Peace, and performs administrative, reception, clerical, and financial management duties in the operation of the Court pursuant to Judge's instructions, Montana Statutes, and best practices guidelines set for Courts of Limited Jurisdiction.Duties:Handles personal contacts in person and by phone.Responsible for all money taken in by the court.Receipts all money.Tracks compliance including fines and restitution, community service, and treatment. Tracks and accepts bond forfeitures. Posts time pay, bonds, and keeps accurate accounting.Enters data on the computer in the Full Court program.Scans documents into the Full Court program.Balances fees and prepares monthly reports.Balances checkbook.Dockets all tickets (Highway Patrol, Sheriff, Fish and Game, GVW, Dept. of Livestock).Records disposition on tickets.Certifies Court records.Inputs, downloads, indexes, and files tickets daily.Forwards disposition copy of tickets to appropriate authority.Opens new criminal and civil files.Directs pro se litigants where to obtain assistance in small claims and civil procedures.Maintains docket and mails or e-mails notices.Imports annual jury pool, notices and inputs jurors, selects jury, contacts, and pays them.Prepares summons, warrants and license suspensions.Performs record checks.Makes bank deposits.Answers phone.Schedules hearings and appointments and keeps an accurate calendar.Dockets and schedules small claims.Records deferrals and does dismissals.Completes criminal MANS forms and sends them to the state.Reports traffic convictions at least weekly to the DMV.Types all correspondence, letters, and legal papers.Issues defaults, default judgments, executions, and subpoenas. Indexes all records.Takes inventory, tracks inventory budget, and orders supplies.Acts as Judge Pro Tempore as directed.Performs other related duties as required.