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Havre Public Schools Education Foundation Executive Director in Havre, Montana

Havre Public Schools Education Foundation (HPSEF)
Position Summary:
This position reports directly to the Board of Directors and serves as the principal professional resource
to the Havre Public Schools Education Foundation. HPSEF is a not-for-profit philanthropic organization
comprised of community leaders in partnership with our local school system whose mission remains the
advancement of student achievement in the Havre Public School system. The Executive Director is
identifiable as a visible, positive representative of HPSEF, is responsible for year round financial
reporting and compliance as well as organizational development, builds relationships with and offers
support to Foundation donors, ensures that HPSEF policies and procedures are followed and that stated
goals and outcomes are achieved. He/she works collaboratively with the Board of Directors through a
well-defined strategy built upon both action and initiative.
The Executive Director is responsible for the efficient and effective performance of all HPS Foundation
business operations under the guidance of the Board of Directors.
Key Responsibilities:
Responsible for gathering and maintaining all documents that are necessary to ensure the Foundation’s
compliance with state and federal reporting requirements. For monetary donations, grants, and related
charitable and philanthropic support, the Executive Director shall maintain an electronic accounting and
filing system for donations, gifts, receipts, invoices, reports and scholarship information. He/she may
also be tasked with preparing reports on these expenditures and providing them to the individual donor,
funding agency, or Board of Directors upon request. The Executive Director works under the direction of
the Board with respect to the planning, development, administration, supervision and implementation
of a comprehensive fund raising program. The preparation of all monthly progress reports and
associated financial data will be the responsibility of the Executive Director along with reporting to the
Board of Directors of the Havre Public Schools Education Foundation. Additional duties may include:
 Assist the Executive Team with the drafting and development of monthly Board Meeting
 In collaboration with the Board Treasurer and where applicable, the Finance Committee,
maintain all financial records for the organization including the following:
o Accounting of all Charitable Donations or monetary gifts received
o Income and expenditures (monthly and annual)
o Retention of an accurate, monthly record (electronic and paper) of all financial
transactions approved by the Board of Directors
 Attend All Board of Director and committee meetings
 In cooperation with the Board, coordinate all fundraising activities of the organization

 In cooperation with the Board, develop and implement strategies and initiatives for ongoing
fundraising and special event based campaigns to ensure year-round financial growth
 In cooperation with the Board, coordinate efforts to identify and build relationships with
prospective donors
 In cooperation with the Board, cultivate and maintain relationships with foundations,
corporation and individuals and others in collaboration with volunteer leadership to aid in
resource development.
 Where appropriate, under the direction of the Board assist with the preparation of grant
 In cooperation with the Board, enhance public understanding and support of HPSEF initiatives
through a coordinated year- round public relations and communications program
 In cooperation with the Board, coordinate the preparation of all communication tools
 In cooperation with the Board, cultivate and develop cooperative relationships in the
community and with the Board of Trustees and Administration of Havre Public Schools District
 Under the direction of the Board, maintain the organization’s website and social media presence
 Foster a positive working relationship with local Media outlets.
Financial Management
 In cooperation with the Board, monitor the financial resources of HPSEF including annual
operating budget.
 In cooperation with the Board, manage donor accounts.
Administrative Duties
 In cooperation with the Board, assist with the development of long-range goals, annual work
plans, budgets, and strategic plans
 In cooperation with the Board, maintain and monitor the organization’s records and the
integrity of confidential business information
 In cooperation with the Board Chair, assist with the distribution of all meeting notices
 Ensure that Day-to-day bookkeeping and database management are performed according to
established practices
Other Duties
As required and assigned by the HPSEF Board of Directors
Critical Competencies for Success:
The Executive Director of the Foundation shall demonstrate the following competencies in his/her role.
1. Organizational Management:
A. Time Management   
 Determines the appropriate allocation of time 

B. Space Management (HPSEF Office)  
 Effectively manages the workspace (i.e. keeps a clean and organized office,
appropriately handles all paperwork, maintains control over the physical environment,
C. Task Management 
 Balances conflicting priorities in order to manage workflow, ensure the completion of
essential projects, and meet critical deadlines  
 Proactive Anticipation of Organizational Needs  
 Demonstrates the ability to foresee problems and prevent them by taking action 
 Utilizes analytical skills and a broad understanding of the business to effectively
interpret needs
D. Communication Skills 
 Listening skills
Understands that the most important aspect of communication is the act of listening
and actively works to improve those skills 
 Oral
Speaks with confidence using clear, concise sentences and is easily understood 
 Written
Produces well thought‐out, professional correspondence free of grammatical and
spelling errors
 Telephone/E‐mail  
Uses high quality, professional oral and written skills (as described above) to project a
positive image of the business  
E. Client Service  
 Interacts professionally with clients and associates at all times 
 Promptly responds to requests with accuracy and a courteous demeanor
F. Broad Understanding of General Business Concepts  
• Demonstrates an awareness of fundamental business principles as well as an
understanding of the overall industry in which the business operates  
G. Team Player 
• Works as a competent member of the team, willingly providing back‐up support for
co‐workers when appropriate and actively supporting group goals  
H. Computer/Technical Skills
• Displays proficiency using standard office equipment such as a computer, fax,
photocopier, scanner, etc.
• Demonstrates advanced proficiency by quickly adapting to new technology and easily
acquiring new technical skills  
I. Judgment  
• Exhibits sound judgment and the ability to make reasonable decisions in the absence of
• Swiftly refers problems/issues to the appropriate person(s) when necessary
J. Other Skills, Experience or Competency