HILL COUNTY Heavy Equip operator/Crusher operator in HAVRE, Montana

Requirements: A High School diploma.Two or more years' experience in operation of heavy equipment and truck driving.Road construction experience preferred.Maintenance of heavy equipment experience preferred.Nature of Work: This position performs skilled and semi-skilled technical duties requiring adherence to safety standards. Position requires work outdoors in sometimes adverse weather conditions and extreme temperatures. Position is on-call for emergencies. Hazards of position include working with moving parts of heavy equipment, hazardous wastes, lifting heavy weights, digging near underground utilities, working on slopes and in road traffic, noise, dust, and with spring runoff conditions.Duties:Builds and grades dirt and gravel roads. An equipment operator must be able to operate tandem axle tractor with belly dump or lowboy trailers during all seasonal weather conditions.Operates a grader, backhoe, loader, dozer, and scraper; blades roads, hauls gravel, plows snow, sands roads, sweeps roads, hauls equipment. Loads and unloads building materials. Signs road hazards.Cleans ditches; installs and repairs culverts; mows along roadways; puts up and takes down snow fence; installs guard rails.Maintains bridges; repairs and installs signs; paints as needed. Assists in evaluating need for and installs road signs.Performs rough carpentry and laborer duties; constructs concrete forms.Shovels and rakes asphalt; patches pavement.Uses hand held sign to direct traffic through road construction site; may drive pilot car.Clears and maintains right of ways.Clears roadside areas of debris. Trims and falls trees. Clears away brush.Assists with flood control. Builds dikes to divert water during flood conditions.Assists in maintenance and field repair of assigned equipment with ability to lift 105 pounds to change grader blades; changes oil; checks tires and fluids. May weld metal components together to perform field repairs of assigned equipment.Does clean-up duties around shop and yard; washes pickup truck and heavy equipment; sweeps floor. Picks up debris from yard.Performs other related duties as required.