MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY - NORTHERN Retention Specialist/Counselor in HAVRE, Montana

Retention Specialist/Counselor (Student Support Services)Overview: The Retention Specialist/Counselor supports the Student Support Services goals: improving student persistence, academic standing, and graduation rates. The Retention Specialist/Counselor is the main source of academic, personal, and career guidance for Student Support Services participants. Position is full-time for 9 months out of each year. Off May, June, and July of each year. This position is funded by a federal Student Support Services TRIO grant.Duties: 1. Career guidance and related assessments. 2. Academic advising and educational planning. 3. Study Skills Consultation. 4. Peer mentor supervisor. 5. Personal and life skills guidance. 6. Consultation and referrals.List any secondary duties assigned to this position: 1. Assistant to the Director. 2. Counseling if licensed 3. Performs intake interviews with all SSS participants. 4. Participates in orientation and registration activities. 5. Liaison to other TRIO Programs. 6. Serve on institutional committees.Required Qualifications: 1. Master's Degree in Counseling or Related FieldPreferred Qualifications: 1. Licensed counselor to practice in Montana 2. TRIO background (experience working in Upward Bound, Educational Opportunity, Talent Search, McNair, Gear-Up, Student Support Services Programs). 3. Experience working with first generation, low income, and disabled students.