State of Montana Epidemiologist (37443) in Helena, Montana

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Materials Required of Applicants:

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  • 3 Professional references

  • Supplemental question(s): Describe your training and experience in designing, creating, upgrading, or maintaining surveillance or other large data collection systems and analyzing these data sets.

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This position is funded for 5 years, with the possibility of additional funding becoming available.

The Epidemiologist studies the occurrence of disease and other health-related conditions or events in defined populations in order to implement prevention and control measures. This position supports the Diabetes and Cardiovascular Health Programs. This position is responsible for cardiovascular health epidemiology activities. Responsibilities include: 1) Analyzing surveillance data such as health indicators, risk factors, and disease surveillance information; 2) Analyzes programmatic and service-related data; 3) Design, coordinate, and manage special surveillance and/or evaluation procedures where there is no other existing data available; 4) Develops and conducts various trainings related to epidemiological and program evaluation issues; and 5) Designs and conducts program evaluations.

Major Duties or Responsibilities:

Develop, Implement, and Oversee Disease Surveillance Systems and Conducts Program Evaluation

  • Analyze surveillance data such as health indicators, risk factor and disease surveillance information.

  • Analyzes programmatic and service-related data such as cardiovascular disease and related risk factor data.

  • Design, coordinate, and manage special surveillance and/or evaluation procedures where is no other existing data available.

  • Evaluate quality and efficiency of surveillance systems. Make recommendations for enhancements. Monitors trends and risk factors, strengths and weakness, and so forth.

  • Supports epidemiology program compliance with reporting and evaluations.

  • Develops protocols to respond to investigation of emergent health situations.

  • Performs complex statistical and epidemiologic analyses.

  • Maintains periodic reporting to various stakeholders.

  • Designs and conducts program evaluation activities.

  • Writes technical reports, and grants.

Consultation and Education

  • Develops and conducts various trainings related to epidemiological and program evaluation-related issues.

  • Provides consultation and assistance to educate state and local health stakeholders in the development of surveillance systems.

  • Provides technical assistance on issues regarding surveillance, interventions, epidemiologic, program evaluation, statistical analysis, and data interpretation.

  • Conducts disease prevention and health promotion programs and public policy presentations.

Other Duties

Physical and Environmental Demands: This position works in a typical office environment with keyboarding responsibilities. Occasional travel maybe required.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (Behaviors):

Required for the first day of work:

  • Skill in programming in Statistical Analysis System (SAS) or Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS).

  • Ability to manipulate and analyze large, complex data sets.

  • Skill in descriptive and inferential statistical analysis.

  • Ability to identify relationships and trends in data as well as factors that could affect the results of research.

  • Ability to identify problems, researching to develop and implement solutions.

  • Ability to combine pieces of information to form conclusions.

  • Skill in public speaking.

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills for a variety of audiences.

  • Skill in writing technical reports or grants.

Required Minimum Education and Experience:

  • Master’s degree in Epidemiology, Statistics, or a closely related degree.

  • Three years of job related experience in epidemiology.

  • Experience in cardiovascular disease epidemiology preferred.

  • Other combinations of directly related education and experience may be considered on a case-by-case basis

Job: *Business/Analyst/Statistics

Title: Epidemiologist (37443)

Location: Helena

Requisition ID: 18142609