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HELENA COLLEGE - UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA General Education Division Manager in HELENA, Montana

Helena College University of Montana a comprehensive two-year college, provides access to and support of high quality lifelong educational opportunities for our diverse community. Helena College is seeking qualified applicants who wish to become part of a dynamic and creative team for a full-time position as a General Education Division Manager. Duties and Responsibilities The General Education Division Manager is responsible for the daily, ongoing management, coordination, and support to advance the prioritized interests and objectives of the Executive Director of General Education & Transfer and the division and carry out its responsibilities as the division?s administrative arm. The position provides management and/or coordination for division priorities, projects, events, and communications, and assists the Executive Director with administrative, financial, and resource management duties required for the division?s operation. The position also serves as a liaison between the Executive Director and the college?s faculty, staff, and students. This position reports directly to the Executive Director of General Education & Transfer and serves all of the General Education & Administrative Support Division. Supervisory ? Direct supervision of student work study and/or temporary hire positions in the division, including the Science Laboratory Technician position for the division. Compliance ? Management and tracking of academic records retention activities and timelines to ensure compliance within the division. ? Collection and retention of all Helena College course syllabi. This position will collect and archive all syllabi for all credit-bearing courses offered every fall, spring, and summer semester, ensuring all record-keeping requirements are met. ? Management and tracking of required HR trainings and new hire onboarding PD for employees within the division to ensure completion (i.e., FERPA, Title IX, Cybersecurity, etc.). ? Management and coordination of required academic catalog and website updates for academic programs within the division to ensure information is updated and correct. ? Supply tracking and inventory for all academic areas/programs within the division. This includes all academic supplies needed for faculty and staff within the division and all consumables, materials, supplies, and equipment needed to operate the academic programs. Track and schedule all required service and maintenance necessary for equipment and specialized waste within the division. This includes oversight and tracking and scheduling all maintenance on equipment within the academic programs in the division, and all waste pickups needed for the biological waste in the science labs and clerical waste (records) that need to be shredded. Division Coordination and Support ? Work closely with the division to advance the priorities of the division and the institution in a coordinated manner. ? Provide division and campus-wide communications in coordination with the appropriate internal and external stakeholders. Communications could be recurring or ad hoc, from the Executive Director. ? Provide strategic insight and follow through on division initiatives and projects. ? Manage and/or coordinate events and activities hosted by the division, often with full autonomy for decision making and planning. ? Manage calendaring for the Executive Director, including the administration of meetings, invitations, and other events (includes making determinations regarding scheduling priorities, providing confirmation of attendance when applicable, gathering vital information about event/meeting logistics, and tactfully managing scheduling conflicts and prioritization). ? Prepare all purchasing and travel paperwork for Executive Director and others in the division in coordination with the Business Office. ? Coordination of book and/or material adoption for courses: This position coordinates with the contracted book vendor to assist faculty w th book and/or material adoptions for all scheduled courses, ensuring that all course adoptions are completed. The position provides the necessary guidance and reminders to faculty, as needed. ? Provide supervision for all needed clerical duties and/or assistance for the division, including copying, shredding, and maintenance of all equipment (copier and shredder) and supplies needed. Purchasing Manager and Financial Duties ? Purchasing Manager for the division. This position manages purchasing for the division and ensures compliance with policy and regulation. The position maintains all purchasing records for both materials and services. ? Budget tracking and coordination for all areas within the division. This position tracks debits and credits for several budget indexes within the division, providing regular reporting to the Executive Director. Academic Affairs ? Create, track, and retain all Letters of Offer and Letters of Assignment (faculty teaching contracts) for all full-time and adjunct faculty teaching in the General Education & Transfer division. ? Track faculty course loads and overload assignments. This position works with the Executive Director and HR to track all full-time faculty work loads during each academic year, maintaining the necessary documents for tracking purposes. ? Database Administrator for the Academic Standards and Curriculum Review Committee, tracking all curriculum development and revision to ensure it progresses through all required steps of the approval process. ? Create, update, and maintain the Faculty Handbook. This position works with Academic Leadership to create and maintain an updated copy of the faculty handbook, which includes all necessary information and operating procedures specific to faculty. The handbook is updated on a regular basis and is provided to all faculty. ? Create all academic maps used for student advising. This position creates all the academic maps (degree sheets for advising) using the academic pathway information provided by faculty and approved by the Academic Standards and Curriculum Review Committee. ? Communications about the fall, spring, and summer course schedules. This position will communicate with division faculty to share timelines, schedule formats, and deadlines in regards to the schedules for all courses offered in the division, in coordination with the Executive Director, other Division Directors, and the Registrar?s Office. ? Recorder for the Academic Standards and Curriculum Review Committee. Assists the committee chair with the meeting agenda and prepares the meeting minutes. ? Coordination and support of all assessment activities within the division, including assisting individual faculty with assessment duties and reporting. ? Attend division or department meetings when needed and as requested by the Executive Director. ? Attend student services meetings as a representative for the division and to ensure greater communication and understanding between academic and student affairs. ? Maintain all files and records necessary for all adjunct faculty in the division. Other projects and related functions as assigned. This position is responsible for the supervision of all student work study and temporary student hires, including the Laboratory Technician position that works with the science faculty in the science labs. Minimum Qualifications ? Associate degree or certificate in related field plus 2 years relevant work experience; or an equivalent combination of education and experience ? Ability to maintain strict confidentiality and discretion when working with highly sensitive and/or confidential information ? Ability to perform complex tasks while prioritizing multiple projects ? Sound and strategic judgement necessary to make critical administrative and procedural decisions ? Ability to supervise and oversee complex challenging tasks, both when working independently and when collaborating with a team ? Ability to culti