State of Montana Health Education Specialist (37442) in Helena, Montana

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  • 3 Professional references

  • Supplemental question(s): Please describe any experience developing public health programs.

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This position is funded for 5 years, with the possibility of additional funding becoming available.

In the United States over 75% of total health care costs are due to chronic diseases and 64% of adults in Montana have at least one chronic disease. The Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Bureau works with statewide partners to decrease unhealthy behaviors that lead to chronic disease and injury. Initiatives across the state are streamlined through settings such as school systems, worksites, healthcare systems and communities. This Health Education Specialist will work across multiple chronic disease topics with an emphasis in the Diabetes and Cardiovascular Health. The work will focus on the Community Health Emergency Medical Services program.

As such, this Health Education Specialist position develops, implements, and evaluates education, outreach, quality improvement, and technical assistance functions and provides a range of grant administration and professional support duties. In addition, the position assesses ongoing program activities to identify education and training needs; promotes referrals, participation, and reimbursement for these services, and provides technical support and training to lifestyle coaches and home visiting nurses to support delivery of the community-based programs.

Public Health Training and Outreach

  • Assesses ongoing program activities to identify education and training needs such as new requirements i.e. administrative/law changes, client needs, and revised public health policies.

  • Plans and coordinates conferences and presentations to provide education, outreach and networking opportunities.

  • Develops and delivers presentations, outreach materials, websites, manuals or other program contents.

  • Develops or coordinates special studies to assess current issues for public health education and outreach.

  • Responds to inquiries concerning public health programs.

Quality Improvement

  • Researches and analyzes national health care guidelines and the published literature to determine appropriate strategies, tools, and systems to develop and implement quality improvement activities.

  • Reviews and abstracts information from medical records to support provider quality improvement activities.

  • Develops and recommends quality improvement plans to providers.

  • Monitors quality improvement activities among participating providers through site visits, and analysis of performance information.

  • Provides technical assistance and training to providers to support implementation of quality improvement activities.

  • Develops reports and action plans to inform providers of their current performance and to support implementation of quality improvement activities.

Grant Administration and Technical Support

  • Makes recommendations with the development of grant proposals to secure funding in targeted area of need.

  • Coordinates the development and dissemination of the Request for Proposal (RFP) to solicit eligible contractors for program delivery.

  • Monitors contracted services and budgets to ensure conformance with terms and conditions of individual agreements.

  • Conducts site evaluations to assess a variety of issues such as: community needs, contracted services, program improvement.

  • Ensures coordination and integration of the DPHHS disaster and emergency response plans with the DPHHS Emergency Preparedness Program, Disaster and Emergency Services (DES), local and regional responders, statewide and local public health response plans.

Other duties as Assigned

Physical and Environmental Demands: Work is performed in a typical office environment. Overnight travel may be required but typically with advance notice.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (Behaviors):

Required for the first day of work:

  • Knowledge of clinical and public health education and training methods.

  • Knowledge of needs assessment and disease prevention.

  • Knowledge of quality improvement tools and methods.

  • Knowledge of grant administration and contract development.

  • Knowledge of alternate ways to provide training or information via written, oral or visual media.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills including public speaking.

  • Interpersonal and customer services skills.

  • Ability to use logic and reasoning to identify strengths and weaknesses of alternate solutions.

  • Ability to present program information to the public.

  • Ability to research and develop health training materials and program content and evaluate the effectiveness of health education programs.

  • Ability to operate a personal computer and general office equipment as necessary to complete the essential functions including using word processing, database and e-mail, internet and other computer programs.

Required Minimum Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in health science, health education, behavioral or social science, or a related field.

  • Two years of job related experience in health education, health quality improvement or related health program.

  • Other combinations of directly related education and experience may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Job: *Business/Analyst/Statistics

Title: Health Education Specialist (37442)

Location: Helena

Requisition ID: 18142610