State of Montana Lead Worker/Issuance Unit (00224) in Helena, Montana

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This position provides technical, administrative, and clerical support requiring special skills in handling confidential information and working with the public, Federal and State agencies, city officials, to ensure the legal administration, confidentiality and preservation of Montana’s vital records. Other areas of responsibility include the implementation of the laws, rules, and regulations regarding the issuance of these and other legal documents. This position performs lead worker responsibilities.

Major Duties or Responsibilities:

Records Processing, Issuance, and Oversight

  • Coordinates and oversees processing, locating, certifying, and issuing filed birth, death, and fetal death certificates; reviews and verifies applications to ensure all necessary paperwork and identification is included according to specific court orders, statutes, and rules based on type of request; ensures that requests are processed within established timelines.

  • Oversees the receipting and accounting of all fees received to ensure the process follows established laws, regulation, and policies of the Department.

  • Monitors and verifies compliance of section staff with all applicable rules and regulations regarding the issuing and processing of vital records.

  • Responds to telephone and written inquiries accurately and timely regarding vital record issuance, statutes, and rules.

  • Researches, compiles, and/or distributes data, statistics, and other information related to program operations and activities as requested; advises parties of relevant disclaimers, requirements for release, and confidentiality restrictions.

  • Maintains, updates, and distributes listing of local registrars and their deputy registrar(s), clerk and recorders, and clerks of district court along with contact data to interested individuals.

  • Maintains, updates, and distributes the internal listing of Vital Statistics office staff contact information.

Lead Worker

  • Works with Section Supervisor to assist staff by reviewing and revising work plans, priorities, and procedures and monitors work progress.

  • Assists Section Supervisor with plans and assignments of work according to the individual job descriptions, needs, abilities, and desires.

  • Reviews co-workers assigned work for compliance with State, Federal, and Department policies.

  • Maintains and updates form letters; monitors their effectiveness and assists with implementing changes as needed for the Vital Records Administration Section.

  • Monitors and orders supplies and forms necessary for day-to-day operations.

Records Management

  • Establishes and oversees extensive electronic and manual records management systems within the Section to ensure the security and effective tracking of essential program information; ensures compliance with record management policies and retention schedules.

  • Establishes and implements record access procedures, directories, and confidentiality protocols within the Section to ensure the organization, availability, and security of vital records

  • Oversees index maintenance to ensure the accessibility and availability of program documentation; monitors and verifies that records are properly organized by type and date; verifies new records are entered into databases; ensures all records stored in the Vital Records Administration vault are appropriately indexed.

Physical and Environmental Demands: Typical office environment. This position maybe required to stand for long period of times in an 8-hour day. As well as, be required to lift to 45 lbs.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (Behaviors):

Required for thefirst day of work:

  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office.

  • Skills in exercising judgment and discretion in dealing with sensitive and confidential information.

  • Skills communicating clearly and effectively both written and verbal.

  • Skills in the use of office equipment including a personal computer, photocopier, microfilm reader printer, calculator, typewriter, and printers.

  • Ability to multi-task and complete work in error-free mode with frequent interruptions.

  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with Department staff, members of the public, and other Federal, State, and County agencies.

Required Minimum Education and Experience :

  • High School diploma or equivalent.

  • Two to three years job-related work experience.

  • Other combinations of directly related education and experience may be considered on a case by case basis.

Job: *Office/Administrative/Clerical

Title: Lead Worker/Issuance Unit (00224)

Location: Helena

Requisition ID: 18142543