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Job Information

St. Peters Health MRI Technologist - Full-Time in Helena, Montana

Days/Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 8:30am-7pm

JOB SUMMARY (overview of job):

  • Performs proper safety screening for contraindications to MRI and/or contrast media and other medications.

  • Research patient implants to confirm safety and works closely with the radiologist, in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications, to determine safe scan parameters.

  • Ensures auditory safety of the patient during examination.

  • Implements measures to prevent burns to patients (change patients into MRI approved attire, provide padding between patient and bore, reduce skin to skin contact, ensure absence of cable loops.

  • Verifies patient identification and the procedure requested or prescribed.

  • Correctly interprets doctors’ scanning instructions.

  • Verifies patient’s pregnancy status.

  • Reviews lab values prior to medication administration.

  • Explains effects and potential side effects of medications.

  • Start IV and administer IV contrast when necessary for exam.

  • Monitors patient for reaction to medication.

  • Provides supportive communication and visual observation to the patient throughout the scan.

  • Determines the need for and selects supplies, accessory equipment, shielding, and positioning/immobilization devices.

  • Provides an accurate explanation and instructions regarding exams and procedures. Addresses questions and concerns regarding exams and procedures.

  • Positions patient for anatomic area of interest, respecting patient ability and comfort.

  • Prepare and operate MRI equipment.

  • Modifies technical settings and adjusts scanning parameters to enhance images and minimize patient’s time in the MRI scanner.

  • Performs QA on images and ensures proper transfer to PACS while electronically completing the exam in a timely manner.

  • Complies with ACR guidelines for staff and patients while they are in Zone 3.

  • Directly observes and controls entrance to Zone 4.

  • Complies with all federal, state, local and regulatory agency requirements.

  • Patient Safety: Each staff member is responsible for safe equipment operation and maintenance and overall patient safety.

  • Patient schedules: Each staff member assists lead tech in prioritizing the needs of the referring physicians and patients to accommodate add-on exams into our daily schedules.

  • Protocols: All staff members may be asked to assist lead tech or director in the development, implementation, changes and updates of protocols

  • CQI & QA: Staff technologist may be required to participate in both CQI and QA yearly plans and activities (as approved by Director).

  • Patient Experience: All staff technologist along with the DI leadership team are accountable for improvement of Patient Experience and scores for both the modality and the department.

  • Staffing & Scheduling: Staff members will be asked for input of staffing schedules that meet both the physicians’ and patients’ needs. These schedules must also meet the productivity standards set forth by the director and budgets for each year.

  • PACS: All staff members are responsible for insuring that all images and studies transfer to PACS in a timely and quality manner. The technologist must also work cohesively with the PACS Administrator to resolve any and all issues.

  • Staff Training/ orientation: All staff members will be responsible for participating in training of new employees. Staff technologists will assist the leadership team in the orientation of new employees. Staff members will assist the leadership team in developing a new hire orientation function that is employee centered, complete and timely.

  • Staff Development: Each staff member will responsible for assisting the lead tech and leadership in teaching or the improvement of skills to co-workers.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Each staff member will share responsibility for the training and readiness needed to be compliant with DNV, CMS and other regulating agencies. Practices within the regulations and scope of the State of Montana, CMS, ARRT and ASRT.

  • Equipment maintenance: Each staff member will be responsible for communicating to their leadership team issues that compromise proper and safe operation of equipment. Each staff member can be asked to make needed calls to vendors for support.

  • Equipment vendors and Biomed: Each staff member is responsible for communication regarding equipment operation and function to lead technologist, director, biomed or vendor.

  • Department Projects: Staff members will be asked and will be responsible for participating in department projects such as ACR accreditation, Quality/Performance based initiatives and promotion of department to our physicians, community and patients.

  • Inventory: Each staff member can be asked to assist lead technologist in ordering and management of inventory.

  • Modality Liaison: Each staff member will be accountable for positive and professional communications between other modalities, nursing, ED, scheduling, admitting, physicians, and transporters to ensure the smooth provision of patient care by the modality.

  • Positive, encouraging and promotional: Each staff member will be accountable for always setting the example of positive interactions, encouraging actions and promoting co-workers, physicians, hospital, and medical group.

  • Other duties assigned by leadership team.