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State of Montana Operations Forecasting Specialist (05331) in Helena, Montana

The overall purpose of this position is to prepare expenditure forecasts, establishing a methodology and dynamic models to accurately forecast expenditures that will aid the department in monitoring, and managing its budget. Responsible for tracking all changes in the forecast models: manage DSS reports that provided the data for forecasting models, reimbursement rates, exceptions, policy, and enrollment. Coordinates and leads monthly projection meetings with Divisions each month. Prepare monthly enrollment data charts by various categories for publication on Department website each month. As needed respond to information requests related to expenditure or enrollment information from Federal agencies; non-profit organizations; research organizations and others so as to respond on a timely and accurate basis. Below are more detailed job duties: * Establishes a methodology and dynamic models to accurately forecast expenditures that will aid the department in monitoring the level of risk that programs are staying within the department’s budget limitations. Coordinates and leads reimbursement projection meetings each month. * Maintains consistency between claims reports such as the 901 report and the expenditure forecasting models. * Reports monthly data statistics to key departmental personnel. * Researches and conducts fiscal analysis of programs, relating to areas such as rate setting, revenue maximization and refinancing to ensure equitability, financial stability, and determining when changes in these areas need to occur. * Assists departmental divisions prepares cost reconciliations and statistical reports, often times performing actuarial based analysis. * Responds to requests for Medicaid related expenditure/enrollment information from Federal agency’s; non-profit organizations; researches organizations and others so as to respond on a timely and accurate basis. Establishes a repository of responses provided as a resource for other department staff and to ensure consistency in future responses to reoccurring or similar requests. * Leads discussions and analysis of special issues and problems related to areas such as cost allocation, federal and state grants and programs using knowledge of GAAP, cost principles, state statutes, and federal regulations. Conducts analysis to identify options, performs validation and testing of the options to determine their feasibility and present findings to assist in the resolution of outstanding issues and related problems. * Determines the effect of current policies, proposed policies, or program changes by preparing reports for top management. Analysis will compile and evaluate proposed, considering impact on the Department, other state agencies, other payers, federal government, clients, providers and the public. Reports will define the problem, summarize the analysis, list all possible solutions and the pros and cons of each. Present report to top management to be used in making policy decisions affecting major programs within the department. * Assists departmental divisions with advanced policy analysis when necessary such as waiver cost neutrality studies to meet federal and state requirements and to ensure expenditures are not exceeding limits. * Develops and reports monthly program enrollment reports that correspond with the CHIMES eligibility system and reporting. Creates visual aids such as frequency distributions, time series charts, histograms, pie charts, etc. for enrollment reports and presentations. Creates PDF and excel spreadsheets of enrollment data and charts for posting to department’s website. * Uses the department's information systems to extract information for ad-hoc eligibility and expenditure reporting. Data will be summarized using data base interface tool (QueryPath) or freehand SQL. Provides summary information and other Medicaid analysis to Departmental staff and policy makers. This includes utilizing software packages such as SAS for advanced mathematical computations and statistical modeling applications such as linear trend analysis and regression analysis. * Ensures the department’s Medicaid expenditure and eligibility reporting needs are met on a timely basis and are accurate. Physical and Environmental Demands: Work is performed in a normal office environment with keyboarding responsibilities. * Knowledge of the principles, practices and theories of applied mathematics and economics which includes statistics and economics. * Ability to apply predictive analysis and forecasting methods and principles to policy development and analyze how policy decisions effect other services. * Knowledge of budgeting, financial, and fiscal processes and procedures and keeps abreast of changes. * Knowledge of computer data management and data network systems. * Knowledge of concepts, practices, and procedures for estimation of costs associated with a project. * Knowledge of the reimbursement methodologies for DPHHS programs. * Skill in appraising, examining, or scrutinizing processes, ideas, projects, or procedures. * Skill in coordinating and facilitating internal and external work groups. * Skill in applying mathematics, economics, and principles of accounting. Including the application of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, and econometrics. * Skill in utilizing analytical techniques. * Skill in translation of data, data tables, and statistical information. * Skill in consulting or providing assistance to others. * Ability to use logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions, or approaches to a problem. * Ability to analyze a project’s needs and requirements, develop a work plan, and complete the project. * Preferred: * Familiarity with programs such as SAS, Tableau, and acutely proficient in Excel. * Experience working with Medicaid Healthcare claims. Minimum Qualifications: * Bachelor’s degree Economics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, or related field. * Three years of job related work experience. * Other combinations of directly related education and experience may be considered on a case by case basis. For a copy of the full job description, please e-mail Kaley Argee The State of Montana offers a comprehensive benefits package, which includes: • 15 paid vacation days • 12 sick days • 10 paid holidays a year To view State of Montana’s medical, dental, vision coverage, and other offerings, you can visit our Health Care and Benefits website at, This is an open until filled position. /To be considered for any DPHHS Agency position, applicants must complete and submit their application online, as well as upload any required application materials. Successful applicant(s) are required to successfully pass all DPHHS specific background check(s) relevant to each position./ Job: Business/Analyst/Statistics* *Title: *Operations Forecasting Specialist (05331) Location: Helena Requisition ID: 21140976