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Job Information

Flathead Industries Direct Support Professional 4- Supervisory in Kalispell, Montana

Group Home Services


Manage an eight or less-bedroom group home for adults with developmental disabilities. The group home manger oversees the physical facility operations; managing and maintaining the residence to provide a safe, clean and comfortable home environment. Actively participates in and/or oversees all areas of care for all consumers in the home. Supervise and assist with training direct care staff, ensuring staff compliance with all agency policies. The lead trainer must be a strong team player and role model for staff and consumers.
Exempt Status: Non-Exempt

Direct Reports: Associate Director of Client Services; DSP 4 at Willow Glen also reports to the Special Services Director

Work Schedule: Varies; based on the needs of the group home and/or residential services.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Ability to maintain flexibility to work any hours requested within a 24 hour period.
2. Ability to lift objects weighing up to 25 pounds.
3. Must be capable of giving, receiving, interpreting and applying verbal and/or written instructions and directions.
4. Maintain a safe environment for everyone.
5. Ability to pass and maintain Flathead Industries training sequence, which includes First-Aid, CPR, MANDT(management of non-aggressive adults with disabilities), Accuflo E-Learning, PSP 101, Foundations, Chaperone and/or Customer service training. In addition must obtain State mandated Medication Certification, and College of Direct Supports.
6. Complete two of the three offered paths in Flathead Industries phase 2 training sequence (Personal Care, Employment Services and Behavioral Health).
7. Complete Phase 3 training sequence in Flathead Industries Career Paths (e.g. online courses, PSP train the trainer, Financials 101, FRISK, Five Dysfunctions, Dialectical Behavior Training etc…)
8. Ability to acquire training to support individuals with special needs; and adaptive equipment, such as: wheelchairs, walkers, c-pap machines, oxygen, blood pressure machines and other specialized medical equipment.
9. Ability to acquire knowledge of the habilitation process, policies and procedures for DPHHS-DDP Habilitation training, principles of community integration and normalization, and techniques of non-aversive training acquired through completion of identified sections of in-house training programs.
10. Develop and maintain a positive and effective relationship with consumers, families, guardians, neighborhood businesses, representatives of public service agencies and other co-workers of Flathead Industries.
11. Assist in and maintain compliance of residential services settings to standards prescribed by Flathead Industries and the State Department of Health and Human Services. (i.e. maintaining group home license, completion of sanitation and fire inspections)
12. Assist each consumer with individualized daily living skills (e.g., social & domestic) through specific instruction and positive programs. Assist with personal hygiene as needed (e.g., bathing, toileting, brushing teeth, shaving, nail clipping, dressing and overall general appearance).
13. Transport and assist consumers with recreational activities, community integration and medical appointments as assigned.
14. Perform or assist consumers with basic domestic duties as needed (e.g., cooking, cleaning and laundry).
15. Complete and/or oversee all paperwork required by Flathead Industries, the State of Montana and the Developmental Disability Program (DDP) (e.g. completing or assisting with facility checklist, water checks, daily checklists, medication administration records, transportation logs, attendance, general event reports (GER), case notes, recreation schedules, fire drills, emergency drills, MITC etc).
16. Serve as a good role model, maintain good personal boundaries with all consumers’ and co-workers and maintain professionalism at all times.
17. Ability to work directly with and support individuals that may display aggressive or sexual problem behaviors.
18. Ability to maintain and secure confidential information.
19. Carry emergency cell phone on a rotating basis with DSP 3’s and other DSP 4’s (when applicable); responding to emergency needs, in a timely manner as required during any given hour of any given day while demonstrating critical thinking and positive decision making skills.
20. Determine and maintain eligibility for all financial assistance programs including but not limited to; SNAP, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and any other programs as needed. Assist consumers with personal financial decisions and management as a responsible representative payee.
21. Assist with monthly medication preparation, including but not limited to Accuflo updates and modifications, medication protocols and medication binding/packaging. Ensuring needed medications readily available and packaged as needed.
22. Assist with medical appointments; including documentation, notifications and follow through with recommendations from doctors or other medical professionals.
23. Facilitate staff meetings as required by Flathead Industries in a tactful, diplomatic, and professional manner.
24. Demonstrate proficiency in completing required PSP paperwork for assigned consumers (e.g. Assessments, PSP updates, Release of Information’s, Creation of Action’s and Action Plans, Creation and implementation of Daily Checklist, Development and Implementation of Protocols, Post PSP packet etc.) Attend PSP meetings as assigned and follow all required timelines.
25. Ability to cope with stressful circumstances and to cordially interact with co-workers to accomplish common tasks and goals.
26. Create all written protocols, execute great communication skills ensuring that appropriate parties have received correct information and have been trained on any changes.
27. Review and pre-approve group home recreations, with appropriate activities while ensuring appropriate staffing for consumer needs and safety.
28. Actively participate in required group meetings as well as individual meetings to maintain consistency and follow required guidelines for all consumers.
29. Create and enforce schedule for staff members ensuring appropriate coverage in all necessary areas.
30. Complete weekly relief staff scheduling.
31. Provide in depth staff training and guide staff members in the appropriate direction; ensure staff compliance with agency policies and issue corrective actions to staff when necessary.
32. Maintain appropriate billable hours for the group home and follow budgeting guidelines.
33. Assign and create staff job duties.
34. Perform other duties as needed or assigned.

Required Minimum Qualifications:

1. The position requires education and experience equivalent to an Associate’s Degree, or a high school diploma, completion of occupationally-specific training and one year of experience providing educational, vocational, residential, or community services to persons with disabilities.
2. Knowledge of the habilitation process, training program management and practices, policies and procedures for DPHHS-DDD habilitation training, principles of community integration and normalization, and techniques of non-aversive training acquired through completion of identified sections of in-house Competency Based Training Program.
3. Ability to pass a criminal and other background checks.
4. Possession of a Montana Drivers license and have a clean driving record in order to meet the requirement for insurability to be covered by company vehicle insurance.
5. Ability to successfully perform all the responsibilities shown above.
6. Ability to establish and maintain professional; effective, harmonious, working relationships.
7. Ability to communicate effectively and professionally with stakeholders, including but not limited to staff, consumers, family members, medical professionals and community members.
8. Ability to show critical thinking and positive decision-making skills.
9. Ability to safely and frequently lift, move or otherwise handle items weighing up to 25 pounds.
10. Ability to process information, effectively utilize necessary computer software and navigate your way around a computer.
11. Ability to write clearly and speak in public. Must be capable of giving, receiving, interpreting and applying verbal and\or written instructions and directions.
12. You must possess excellent work habits including, but not limited to honesty, punctuality, and the ability to manage time and information.
13. Be a strong team player.
14. Ability to resolve complaints and problems as they arise with family members, guardians, consumers, and co- workers

Job Demands:

While performing the duties of this job, employee frequently communicates with other employees and consumers. This position must be able to exchange accurate information at all times. During a normal 8-10 hour shift employee will be standing up and moving at least 80% of the time. Bending, lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling and etc., are common motions to be expected. Walking and working surfaces are normally even. Exposure to sights, sounds, odors and physically or verbally aggressive behaviors by consumers may be encountered.