HI HEAT INDUSTRIES Sales Support Coordinator in LEWISTOWN, Montana

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:-Utilize customer service skills in developing and maintaining customer relationships -Utilize various tools to assist application specialists in lead generation and prospecting sales-Monitor and update the sales process-Provide critical data analysis and inventory -Assist sales and production with custom order analysis to establish costs and production averages-Multitask effectively by managing change and prioritizing to achieve desired outcomes-Participate in and contribute to daily sales meetings.-Provide internal and external customer service for sales-Maintain confidentiality of all employee and company information-Other duties include essential office tasks.Skill Development Opportunities:- Sales Support Software - Production Operating SystemSkills and Knowledge:-Reading comprehension following written directions and designs-Time management skills-Computer skills, spread sheet experience, word processing-Attention to detail-Adaptability in managing change-Oral and written communication skills