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Spika Design and Manufacturing Welder in Lewistown, Montana

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES The following is a list of the duties and
responsibilities of a Welder. Additional tasks and responsibilities may
be required as needed. • Develop an understanding of Spika products and
processes • Safely operate welding equipment and tools • Inspect all
parts and assemblies entering the section for accuracy and quality,
rejecting any that fail • Prepare all material surfaces to be welded •
Lay out, position, align, and secure parts and assemblies prior to
welding, using appropriate tools and measurement equipment • Fit and
weld assemblies in compliance with drawings, specifications, and
instructions • Chip or grind off excess weld, slag, or splatter • Mark
or tag material with proper job number, part number, and/or other
identifying marks as required • Verify all work is performed accurately
and with the highest quality • Ensure work being performed is correctly
prioritized • Identify better, faster, and more efficient ways to
perform tasks • Help to identify wasted motion and effort that does not
create value for the customer • Request tools and other resources needed
to increase job performance • Strive to broaden knowledge and skills in
other areas of production • Assist new workers in learning processes and
developing skills COMPETENCIES To perform this job successfully, an
individual should demonstrate the following competencies: • Ability to
adapt to changes in assignments and priorities; ability to adapt
behavior or work methods in response to new information, changing
conditions, or unexpected obstacles; ability to approach change
positively and adjust behaviors accordingly • Ability to organize work,
set priorities, and determine resource requirements; ability to
determine necessary sequence of activities needed to achieve goals •
Ability to read and understand measuring devices such as tape measures
and protractors • Ability to read and understand written and graphic
instructions found on production data • Commitment to quality and
continuous improvement • Willingness to participate as an active and
contributing member of a team to achieve team goals • Demonstrated
ability to work safely