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Employer has a position open for an Administrator. Position is responsible for extensive grant writing, monitoring of rental units, administrative duties, financial accounting, use of Quick Books and budget preparation of the Miles City Housing Authority. This position performs duties which require accuracy, timeliness and attention to detail. Work is performed in both an office setting and in the field. Position is required to attend meetings concerning the interests of the Miles City Housing Authority which may involve working outside normal business hours. Position explains complex rules and regulation to customers and performs visual inspections of housing units. Travel to housing units, meetings as work dictates. Capable of performing payroll; completing quarterly payroll reports; completing year-end payroll of W2 and W4 reports. This position come into daily contact with both the public, State and Federal employees. General supervision received from Board of Commissioners of the Miles City Housing Authority. Weekly supervision of on-site managers of the Foster Building Apartments and The Cornerstone Apartments; and maintenance staff. Daily supervision of funded projects Position must be able to: visually inspect rental units; assess housing conditions; travel to and from job sites and meetings; move in and out of buildings; handle repairs and cleaning of vacant units; coordinate efforts between agencies; follow State and Federal guidelines; communicate effectively orally and in writing; interpret complex rules and regulations; calculate, record and review data; follow schedules.AREAS OF JOB ACCOUNTABILITY AND PERFORMANCE:Maintain a data base of information on funding sources for new housing, rental housing, housing rehabilitation, etc..attends workshops and training to stay abreast of new developments. Acts as liaison for the Housing Authority with City and County government. State agencies such as the Department of Commerce, Federal agencies such as HUD and any other government agencies having influence on the Housing Authority. Tracks and records income from past housing loans and programs. Pursues delinquencies, contacting and working with the designated attorney when necessary for collection or foreclosure or estate settlement.Screens applicants for assistance from local program funds, establishes feasibility and eligibility or projects, makes recommendations to Board on applicants. Attends Board meetings; reports to Board on all application for assistance, results of training sessions, availability of new housing programs; makes recommendations based on training and research, delinquencies on past loans and any other business requiring Board action.Disseminate information to landlords and other investors on the availability of State and Federal assistance in housing construction and rehabilitation programs.Prepares all written report, checklists or legal notices required to assure compliance with Federal and State environmental requirements. Drafts management plans, program schedules and grant contracts for review and approval by the Department of Commerce and/or Federal agencies.Establishes and maintains project files, program policies, develop reporting systems, manuals and forms required to implement and manage the grant program. Assists with the establishments of an Administrative Advisory Loan Committee to relieve the Housing Authority Board of daily duties and ensure community-wide involvement in the funded program.Conducts Advisory Loan Committee meetings, assists the Committee by submitting all relevant information for their use in decision making, recommends policies and procedures etc.. in the funded programs.Assists City Clerk in submitting drawings of funds and quarterly reports.Conducts contractor's meetings and prepares contractor list.Assures compliance with all applicable civil rights requirements including preparation of an equal opportunity plan and fair housing resolution if applicable.Attends