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This is a permanent full-time position with benefits and a twenty-year retirement. The wage is $27.22/hr. This position has required on-call hours and may be required to work outside normal working hours and in adverse weather conditions. Hazards of the position may include but are not limited to dealing with potentially dangerous people armed with weapons or firearms. The position requires agility and good physical condition. You will be dealing with sensitive information and adhere to standards of confidentiality.The shift open may require you to work days, afternoons, nights, and weekends. The current Deputy schedule gives Deputies every other weekend off for three days and work eleven and a half hour shifts. The position includes the benefits of vacation, sick leave, paid holidays, and some opportunities to earn overtime and comp hours when available.Qualifications:Have a High School Diploma or Equivalent.Have a valid Montana Driver's LicensePass a Criminal Background check, Drug test, and a Driving Record CheckMust reside in the County of Custer County, within 20 miles of Miles City, any candidates living 20 miles outside of Miles City but within Custer County will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Requirements After Employment:All requirements and classes will be set up through the employer. All that is required of you is your willingness, competence, determination, and flexibility to complete them when they become available.Complete one year of probation.Pass the Montana Law Enforcement Physical Abilities Test. (The "MPAT" as it is also known can be found on YouTube as to the requirements.)Complete the three-month Law Enforcement Basic training within the first year of employment, which includes firearms qualification, a driving course, and a defensive tactics class as well as extensive training on Montana law and investigations.(Law Enforcement Basic is in Helena Montana at the Law Enforcement Academy and is three months straight with weekends off. You would be attending whenever a spot is available in one of the classes.)Become CPR and First Aid Certified within the first year of employment.When available become OC and/or Taser Certified.Duties:The primary job of a Deputy Sheriff is to respond to emergency calls for service, perform investigations, and patrol. As Deputy Sheriff, the position also requires the ability to communicate orally and in writing, review and record information, evaluate, calculate, and exercise good judgment. Understand and apply laws, operate firearms, drive motor vehicles, pursue suspects on foot, climb, physically restrain individuals, move heavy objects, and visually inspect premises with visual acuity to recognize suspects and fire firearms at distant target; hear distress calls and hearing acuity to hear communications with high levels of static and background noise. Enforces the laws in all areas in as non-offensive manner to the public as possible; conducts investigations of child abuse, sexual abuse, alcohol abuse, and domestic abuse; assists with mental illness problems; investigates assaults, fraud, bad checks, burglary and thefts; investigates criminal mischief to property; handles disorderly conducts. Handles juvenile problems; assists in drug related problems; conducts death investigations and coroners duties when Sheriff is unavailable; investigates accidents; transports prisoners and mentally ill persons to state institutions; cites traffic violations; handles dog and pet problems; handles livestock problems and violations; assists with Fish and Game violations; Investigates arson; speaks at local schools and public meetings on a variety of law enforcement subjects; retains a high degree of visibility through routine patrol; performs other related duties as required