CSKT Detention Officer in PABLO, Montana

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: - Completion of High School with diploma or posses a valid GED. Must possess a valid Montana Driver's License. Must be 21 years of age (age requirement for Dispatchers). Must meet minimum department medical standards. No felony convictions ever. No misdemeanor convictions in the past year except minor traffic. Must never have had a misdemeanor conviction involving child abuse, a sex offense, and assault with a weapon or violent crime against a person or domestic abuse. Must not have any record of habitual use of alcohol within the past five years. Must not have any record or history of drug abuse within the past five years. Must not be the subject of a current investigation involving criminal activities including indictments. Must not have three or more moving traffic violations within the past two years. Must not have a driving under the influence of drug and/or alcohol or reckless driving convictions within the past three years. Must not have been dismissed or resigned from Law Enforcement work due to threat of disciplinary action that could result in termination of employment during the past three years. DUTIES: - Complete booking requirements on all prisoners, including securing prisoner's money and personal belongings. - Search every prisoner and his belongings for contraband. - Complete medical questionnaire on each prisoner and make visual exam for any injuries. - Schedule and make doctor and dental appointments for prisoners and arrange transportation to and from appointments. - Dispense prisoner medication as prescribed and maintain a record of what medication was dispensed, who dispensed it, at what time, and who it was given to. - Prepare meals in the absence of the cook. - Check prisoners at least every thirty minutes to insure their health and safety. - Check cell blocks and kitchen for cleanliness, sanitation, and deficiencies. - Conduct cell searches and (shake downs) as dictated by procedure manual. - Conduct a weekly inventory of prisoner supplies and order necessary items. - Supervise visitations with prisoners and check all incoming packages for contraband and maintain a written log of such visits. - Fingerprint and photograph adult prisoners. - Classify prisoners as to risk: maximum, medium, minimal security needed. - Assign duties to minimum risk prisoners and make sure duties are completed correctly. - Inform dispatchers of court decisions involving detention of prisoners. - Escort prisoners to and from court and act as a court bailiff when needed. - Perform related work as required. - Shall complete all reports required and turn them in a timely manner. - Shall serve legal papers whenever possible, i.e. subpoenas, warrants, civils, restraining orders, court orders, summons, eviction notices, and/or writs of execution. These papers will be routed to the officers for service in their assigned areas. - Shall provide information to the public when requested. - Shall notify officers of upcoming trails that they need to attend, also notify them of any tribal events they need to be aware of. - Maintain all logs pertaining to prisoners care and security. - Notify the officers and/or the public of any hazardous conditions. - Operate the video/camcorder equipment and the intoxilyzer 5000 for the officers in any DUI arrest. - Shall assist in investigating any suspected illegal activity in the cell block area. - Shall perform other duties as assigned. - To review the full position description you can request a copy from the Personnel Department. SPECIAL CONDITIONS: This is a Testing Designated Position (TDP) within the definition of the CSKT Drug Testing policy. The successful applicant if not already employed by the Tribes must pass a pre-hire drug test and will be required to serve a six-month probationary period.