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Logan Health Clinical Lab Scientist/Medical Lab Scientist - Logan Health - Shelby in Shelby, Montana


Perform routine clinical testing in bacteriology, serology, hematology, coagulation, chemistry and blood banking


Performs the daily operations of the department; May go out into the

community, ex; Heritage Center and home-bound residents to do blood draws __

Responds to physician requests or complaints in a timely manner. __

Maintain the maintenance of equipment. __

Assists with quality assessment reports three times per year. __

Assist in tracking laboratory statistics. __

Upgrades knowledge and implementation of standards and requirements

specified by federal and state laws, and new trends, products or other issues. __

Maintains continuity and consistency in delivery and quality of services and

inventory of supplies. __


  1. Stains and interprets gram stains. __

  2. Prepares and reads KOH preps. __

  3. Prepares and reads wet mounts. __

  4. Capable of selecting & inoculating proper media for any culture. __

  5. Can recognize the morphology of suspected pathogens on general

and isolation medium. __

  1. Can utilize the "Prompt" system to prepare proper inoculum of

suspected pathogen. __

  1. Uses testing discs properly on suspected isolates. __

  2. Properly uses device to inoculate microscan I.D. and susceptibility trays. __

  3. Correctly interprets chemical and sugar reactions, records them on

worksheets and finds the proper binary numerical identifier. __

  1. Completes report form with proper patient information, pathogen name,

and susceptibility results. __

  1. Understands the day of testing use of the proper gram positive or

gram negative quality control organism. __

  1. Properly completes Q.C. worksheet for organisms tested. __

  2. Understands the use of weekly disc quality control and the susceptible

and resistant organisms to use with each disc. __

  1. Utilizes available worksheet to document each step in isolation

procedure from media inoculation through final report. __

  1. Enters results in LIS and ensures final report reaches proper destination. __


  1. Can program revolutions and time into the Rotator. __

  2. Can check rotations against a stopwatch for accuracy. __

  3. Understands the specimen requirements, incubation times, rotation

speeds if necessary for each of the following agglutination tests:

  1. Rubella __

  2. RPR __

  3. Rheumatoid __

  4. Systemic Lupus Erythematosis __

  5. Infectious Mono __

  6. Understands specimen requirements, incubation times and temperatures

for the following ELISA type tests:

  1. Pregnancy __

  2. Helicobacter pylori __

  3. Claustridium difficile __

  4. Understands the quality control materials, usage, and recording for

agglutination tests. __

  1. Knows the function of built in procedure and positive, negative controls

for serology tests. __

  1. Records control and patient outcomes in the serology logbook. __

  2. Can enter the patient results in the offline worklist area of the LIS. __

  3. Ensures the final patient report reaches the proper destination. __


  1. Knows the proper procedure for using all typing sera and reverse typing

cells. __

  1. Can properly use antibody screening cells to determine the presence of

atypical antibodies in serum or plasma. __

  1. Properly uses Enhance solution to aid in reaction determinations. __

  2. Understands the mechanics and methods involved with using the

Cell-Washer. __

  1. Maintains the temperature and water levels in the heat block. __

  2. Can monitor the Blood Bank refrigerator temperatures and change the

recording thermometer graphs. Can test recorder and alarm using hot

water and an ice bath. __

  1. Can monitor freezer temperature and graphic recorder to assure safety of

fresh frozen plasma. __

  1. Knows the procedure to procure patient samples and identify both sample

and patient with the Hollister armband and numbering system. __

  1. Can complete a crossmatch using patient serum or plasma and Red Cross

donor unit cells. __

  1. Properly completes blood bank logbook detailing all unit numbers, donor

information, reaction values and technologist name. __

  1. Performs controls on all typing sera and reagent red cells and enters all

reaction information on control log sheets. __

  1. Enters all new unit numbers into the inventory log book and ensures that unit

disposition is properly logged. __

  1. Completes crossmatch slips for patient chart, and unit identification. __

  2. Delivers completed cross match reports to nursing service for placement

into patient charts. __

  1. Obtains copies of nurse information sheets to note start and stop times,

reactions, nursing signatures as part of Quality Assurance Program. __


  1. Uses only properly anticoagulated specimens for CBC testing (EDTA). __

  2. Understands the Hematology instrument, how it functions, and the

proper maintenance of the flow path. __

  1. Runs two levels of hematology controls each day __

  2. Records background counts and cleaning or maintenance procedure in log. __

  3. Automatically repeats specimens that have wide variances in connected

parameters or are unexpectedly outside normal criteria. __

  1. Can use 3 part differential stain to prepare and read studies. __

  2. Shows proficiency at differentiating leukocytes and determining red

cell morphology. __

  1. Can enter differential and morphology information into LIS system. __

  2. Accepts completed results on the LIS system interface. __

  3. Understands and properly reads urine dip stick results. __

  4. Centrifuges urines at proper speed before reading. __

  5. Can correctly identify urine sediment contests such as RBC's, LVBL's,

epithelial cells, bacteria, crystals, etc. __

  1. Is able to enter all information onto the LIS __

  2. Preserves potential culture specimens for further use. __

  3. P. Delivers all final reports to proper destination. __


  1. Uses only sodium citrate 3.5% tubes for PT and PTT studies. __

  2. Knows the functions and usage of the CoagulationAnalyzer. __

  3. Uses volumetric pipettes to dehydrate thromboplastin and control levels

I and III. __

  1. Notes date of reconstitution on vials so that outdate is not exceeded. __

  2. Can do temperature checks on incubation wells of instrument. __

  3. Can manually check timer against stopwatch. __

  4. Understands the ISI factor in computing INR and can perform manually. __

  5. Can enter control and patient results offline onto the LIS. __

  6. Ensures that final report forms reach proper destination. __


  1. Understands the Chemistry Analyzer and how to operate it. __

  2. Performs daily maintenance in the morning and enters temperatures,

pressures, and colorimeter readings onto log sheets. __

  1. Knows how to calibrate tests using proper solutions and Q.C. material. __

  2. Daily runs 2 levels of Controls and approves or touble shoots results

as necessary. __

  1. Properly accepts patient results interfaced to the LIS. __

  2. Can perform all tasks related to colorometric, enzymatic, and ELISA

testing for routine and comprehensive chemistries as well as therapeutic

drug monitoring. __

  1. Can calibrate all tests and runs 3 levels of control with each. __

  2. Properly enters unique patient identifier number or bar codeonto the

instrument. __

  1. Ensures all identifiers match patient on LIS general worksheet

generates result reports and ensures arrival at proper destination. __

  1. Aids in the inventory of reagents, calibrators, controls, and disposables

for all instruments and can reorder supplies as necessary. __

  1. Daily monitors the temperatures of all storage refrigerators and/or

water baths throughout the Laboratory. __


  1. Properly performs microscopic evaluation on urine samples. __

  2. Demonstrates competency in recognizing elements in the urine sediment. __

  3. Verifies accuracy by using reference displays. __

  4. Refer to quality control charts for confirmation. __


Has a BS in Clinical Laboratory Science, or equivalent AND 1 year lab training/experience in high complexity testing. __

Qualifies as a General Supervisor under CLIA 88 __

Licensed as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist in the State of Montana __

Possess the patience, self-confidence and communications skills necessary to

work with the clinical staff, administration staff and the physicians __

Must be able to read, write, speak and understand the English language __

Must be able to use the telephone, copy machine, computer and any equipment necessary to fulfill job description efficiently __

Is flexible regarding schedule due to emergencies and staff changes

Job Locations US-MT-Shelby

Requisition ID 2021-10774

Category Laboratory

Pay Period Status 80

Shift Days

Schedule varied

Position Type Full Time (Benefits Eligible)