SANDERS COUNTY Deputy County Attorney in THOMPSON FALLS, Montana

Job Summary: Performs legal duties for the County Attorney of a criminal nature and civil nature.Education and Experience:This position requires a Juris Doctor degree. It also requires two to three years of progressively responsible experience in the practice of law, particularly the area of criminal law. Applicants must be admitted to Montana State Bar and admitted to practice before the U.S. Federal District Courts of Montana prior to employment.Experience with Montana municipalities or local governments and knowledge of county or local government and contract law if preferable. Represents the County in legal matters and proceedings in which the County is a party of interestProsecutes criminal offenders. Reviews investigative reports from law enforcement officers; determines what charges to file and who to charge or whether to decline prosecution. Files charging documents. Keeps victims advised of case status. Prepares for and makes court appearances in non-trial settings such as arraignments, omnibus hearings, change of plea hearings, sentencing hearings, etc. Interviews and prepares witnesses. Prepares court documents. Responds to motions and arguments from defendants. Represents the State in court appearances before judges and juries. Prepares witnesses. Prepares jury instructions and exhibits. Examines witnesses. Negotiates plea agreements with defense counsel and unrepresented defendants. Assists law enforcement officers with search warrant applications and requests for investigative subpoenas. Does legal research and prepares legal briefs, memoranda and other documents. Represents the State of Montana DPHHS in Youth In Need of Care cases. May be assigned to represent the State of Montana in Involuntary Commitment cases. Review and draft ordinances, resolutions, contracts agreements, deeds and easements. Review lawsuits and claims against the County and offer recommendations on how to proceed. Use a wide variety of legal research methods; have clear and concise communication skills.Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work. Assist administrative officials and employees to understand the legal roles and duties of their respective offices and interrelationship with others. Performs related work and other matters as required or directed.