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Watchman / Building and Grounds As a Night watchman for Thompson River Lumber your duties include but are not limited to the following items Primary job duties: Oversee evening security at front Gate - Log in/out all personnel that may enter. After Production Hours Gate is to remain Locked. Log hot work from maintenance staff. Check on Hot work frequently. This will be determined by the initial inspection. Some areas may require very consistent inspection every hour; some instances may be every two hours. The amount of cutting and welding that has been done, as well as the area will be factors in the frequency of inspection. At shift end put away fire alarms, lights, and roll up hoses Routine walk-throughs of the entire facility will be on a set schedule from your supervisor. This may be something that changes from time to time at your supervisor's request. Hauling Fuel for the Boiler, this consists of the following; Safe operation and understanding Semi Truck, walking floor trailer and front end loaders. Must have the ability to maneuver equipment and perform the tasks without causing damage. Checking fluid levels in the equipment, you are responsible for day to day inspection. Proper reporting a repair needs. Coordinate with various supervisors and boiler man to maintain adequate fuel levels for boiler. What fuels to haul, and when to haul them will be scheduled by a supervisor. Work with Boiler man to accomplish scheduled kiln changes. You must be checked off on all rolling stock that is required to perform your job. Periodically check in with boiler man. This will also be a schedule set by you supervisor Light clean up, maintenance, or building and ground tasks will be assigned as schedules allow. These items will be set by your supervisor. Weekly tasks will also be assigned that include and are not limited to; Checking water truck fluid levels Starting water Truck and operating Diesel fire pump engine Documenting all routines, (Date, Time, Months, Name. Noting all unique situations and reporting them on a log) This is a critical job, individual's interested need to approach this job with a positive professional attitude. Qualifications for Night Shift Watchman: Individual must be a self-starter and possess the ability to perform described work in a safe manner. Good organizational skills and time management skills will be needed to accomplish daily tasks. Documentation is essential to developing a long term routine that will effectively control hot work. Individual must possess the ability to multi-task. Develop a routine of tending the gate, make fire watch rounds, check on Boiler man, and work on other tasks that may be assigned by your supervisor. Such as minor grounds work, cleanup, safety sign inspection or creation, painting etc Individual must be in good health and have the ability to lift 50lbs occasionally. Making rounds will require walking for 30-45 minutes per round at least 4-5 times a shift. This may vary depending on the hot work that was performed earlier in the day. Candidates will work 7 -12 hour days and then have seven days off. This shift is not flexible. If holidays are important to you then you are not the right candidate for the job. Individuals must be able to operate and Understand TRL's fire / water system. Including the operation of TRL's water Truck. A valid drivers license is required for this position