Department of Public Health & Human Services Cosmetologist in Warm Springs, Montana

Job Overview: The Cosmetologist provides beauty services in the form of haircuts and beard trims to patients that are scheduled by appointment through the Rehabilitation Department Administrative Assistant. Hair dyes and permanents may also be scheduled by treatment team approval. All salon equipment, including hair dyes, permanents, combs, brushes, and scissors will be supplied. Major Duties or Responsibilities: Individualized Beauty Services - Provide haircuts and beard trims to scheduled patients by appointment at designated cosmetology areas that meet licensure. - Upon treatment team approval, provide hair dye and permanents to patients through scheduled appointment. - Consult with treatment team on patient requests as needed to ensure safety and adherence to unit guidelines. Infection Control - Adhere to licensure requirements to sanitize and maintain all cosmetology equipment such as combs, brushes, clippers, etc. - Maintain a clean, sanitary work environment at all times. - Schedule with supervisor, housekeeping and maintenance orders to ensure infection control. Miscellaneous - Recommends and initiates equipment supply purchases. - Maintains records of services for Utilization review and Quality Improvement. - Maintain MSDS sheets on all applicable materials utilized in services. - Identifies opportunities to improve cosmetology services. Physical and Environmental Demands: Position is required to drive between work sites on the main campus and to the Forensic Mental Health Facility. Work will be performed indoors but does require brief travel between sites. Must be able to stand for longer periods of time. Job duties require consistent, repetitive motion of upper body. Physical hazards presented are the possibility of injury due to the unpredictable behavior of patients.