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State of Montana Part-Time Temporary Psychiatric Technician in Warm Springs, Montana

Job Overview: Montana State Hospital provides acute care psychiatric inpatient treatment for adults with serious mental illness. The Psychiatric Technician provides assistance and support to clients in maintaining a therapeutic environment. Other responsibilities include accounting for patient whereabouts; acting to implement nursing and medical instruction for patients: and charting patient information as directed. Experience, training, knowledge, skills, abilities, and other qualifications must be entered into the online application. Additional materials submitted, but not requested, will not be considered. Part-Time Temporary Psychiatric Technicians will fill shifts on an unscheduled and voluntary basis. Successful candidates must be available to attend New Employee Orientation and Training Courses required for the position. * *Montana State Hospital complies with MT House Bill 702 Prohibiting Discrimination Based on a Person's Vaccination Status or Possession of an Immunity Passport. Direct Link to MT HB 702 Essential Duties or Responsibilities: 1. Patient Care 70% * Supervises and accounts for patient whereabouts at all times. * Provides care with patients as directed by medical and nursing providers. * Observes, reports, and documents information concerning patient’s physical, emotional, and behavior status. * Provides input related to patient treatment planning processes. * Assists with admission, discharge, and patient transfer processes. * Provides and assists with therapeutic activities and activities of daily living. * Completes, reports, and documents routine nursing care procedures. * Maintains and protects patient rights and assists in the grievance resolution process. * Recognizes and appropriately responds using therapeutic communication and de-escalations techniques with patients. * Maintains communication with all other staff members and relays pertinent patient related information. * Escorts patients to various activities, groups, on and off campus activities, scheduled appointments, transfers and discharge 1. Duty Assignment Activities 30% * Performs housekeeping activities to assist in maintaining a safe and sanitary environment. * Participates in infection control activities as directed. * Trains and assists co-workers in patient emergent response activities. * Searches hospital areas and patients, as assigned, to locate dangerous items. * Reports and documents, on appropriate forms, all incidents, which may result in injury involving patients and staff. Physical and Environmental Demands:Professional Clinical, Medical, and Nursing Services positions primarily work on treatment units and in a clinic setting. These positions are involved in the treatment of persons who pose unpredictable and physically aggressive behavior requiring staff intervention and possible risk of injury to staff. Employees in these positions may be expected to assist with patient crisis interventions. These positions are also involved in the evaluation and treatment of persons with histories of serious criminal acts. Position may be required to travel as a patient escort. Operations are 24 hours a day 7 days a week, necessitating personnel coverage outside of normal work hours. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: (required for first day of work) * Knowledge of practices and methods for providing care. * Skill to utilize equipment necessary to perform routine nursing care and procedure. * Effective written and verbal communication skills. * Ability to work with patients requiring degrees of assistance. * Ability to make observations and report/record them accurately. * Ability to follow oral and written instructions. * Ability to maintain attention to detail and thoroughly complete work tasks. * Ability to deal with sensitive and confidential information according to HIPPA policy and procedure. Minimum qualifications: * High School Graduation * Must successfully complete the Psychiatric Technician Course as designed and provided by Montana State Hospital and maintain competency in the knowledge, skills, and abilities through a minimum of 12 hours of provided continuing education per year. Candidates will be evaluated to determine if they meet the minimum qualifications listed above and on the extent to which the application materials show the candidate possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities associated with this position. The selection process may consist of review of application materials (application, resume, cover letter...), physical assessment, job skill test, interview(s), background check and reference checks. Candidates whose application and supporting documentation (cover letter, resume) do not clearly indicate all minimum qualifications are met will not be considered. Title: Part-Time Temporary Psychiatric Technician Location: Warm Springs Requisition ID: 22143404